Aug 10, 2013

How do you Ombre Nails?

I get a lot of 'how do do those' -guestions about my ombre style nails everytime I post a picture of them, either on facebook or instagram or anywhere. So très bien, I will share how to do it! Although you can probably find this from google like in -5 seconds :)

These are really easy to do, as you can probably guess. You just need to practise a little bit of blending and you definitely need the proper equipment, but you probably also already have them at your home.

Inglot - 953 (black) / Color Club - Mrs Robinson (neon purple) / Color Club - Jackie Oh (neon pink)

It´s really simple! First you file your nails, moisture cuticles, do the basecoat etc. whatever you do before usually applying nail polish. Take a makeup sponge, rinse it with water and then squeese all the extra water off. This way the nail polish will not absorb all into the sponge, thus saving you some varnish. Take the colors you want to use and apply them to the sponge, just as you can see above (from the sponges). Pat the colors to you´r nail, keep in mind that you want to blend them together from the middle! You can do a few layers usually. When you are ready, apply top coat and clean the cuticles either with a q-tips with acetone or with a nail polish remover pen, if you have one. Voilà, you're done!

My style to do them does not blend them enough,  so you could also apply the polishes on a plate/mixing palette first and them blend them together in the middle with a wooden stick. Then take it up with the sponge.

Color Club - Jackie Oh (neon pink) / Color Club - Koo-Koo Cachoo (neon orange)
I´ve been testing multiple colors and styles on my friends as well. These upper ones got a lot of positive feedback :) They're SUPER bright.

Color Club - Jackie Oh (neon pink) / Color Club - Koo-Koo Cachoo (neon orange)
....So I did them to myself as well :)

Inglot - 953 (black) / Color Club - KooKoo Cachoo (neon orange)

I don´t suggest first putting one one color and then trying to add the later color with the sponge. I tried it and the end result was... Not so good. I could not blend the colors together at all.

Flormal - No14 (neon green) / NfuOh - (neon yellow)

You can also use a white base underneath if you want to make te color pop some more. In my case I used Inglot's white 038 for the base.

Inglot 953 (black) / Opi - Grape Set March (shimmery purple) / Inglot 956 - (matte-ish purple)

Inglot 953 (black) / Opi - Grape Set March (shimmery purple) / Inglot 956 - (matte-ish purple)

Sometimes different textures work together seamessly :)

These last nails I did with the customers own polishes, so I have no idea what they were :)

You can basically mix any colors together, so get creative!


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