Aug 7, 2013

Make Up For Ever Academy Helsinki

Hi there!
My school has finally starteeeeed! So I am now a proud student of Make Up For Ever Academy Helsinki! I cannot even comprehend the excitement, even though taking this course makes me as poor as... well, every student in Finland. I´m excited for the things we will get to do, but for also for my new schoolmates, since I love making new friends :)

The classroom is all you would ever expect from a makeup school - Full with mirrors, lights and makeup chairs ♥ And of course enormous amount of makeup, makeup, makeup. Although actually I havent seen thw products yet, but I hear they are stacked safely in the teachers room ;)


 It seems that I´ve been taking pictures of my 'old' makeup stuff awhile ago? I literally bursted into laughter when I found these pictures. Since then I´ve still been obsessively 'hoarding' some more and more and more. Merde! And tomorrow we get to go to the Make Up For Ever's wholesale shop so I will probably go insaine !! I think my wallet will cry..... I want to buy everything. At least we get a huuuuge discount.

Oh jeah, actually we as students get discounts from various places, so (whoopsie) I already purchased like five pair of lashes and some other random stuff today. For really cheap and with good quality. Oh dear, I don´t know how I will survive this year!

 I´m really looking forward in getting some new hair stuff, so I hope I can get good deals with them as well. These curls I did for a birthday party with my lame 15€ straghtener and it was... Well, let´s just say r-e-a-l-l-y hard. Since the straightener doesn't even have round edges. In fact, it has quite angular edges.

Turned out okay, me thinks :3


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