Aug 12, 2013

Colorful Gothie

Time for a makeup instead of some nails allll the time. I used Sugarpill's Bulletproof (black), Poison Plum (purple) and Sleek's neon green from the Acid-palette. For lips I applied the super awesome Poisonberry from Lime Crime.

So my main point was just to practice the blending :3 And I did like the end result a lot.

It's so funny to look back at these pictures, which are from a few weeks back. In the past three schooldays we´ve been learning a lot about shading the face and ... I did not know anything about it, apparently. I mean, I don´t have any proper shading NOR highlighting on my face. No wonder I´ve always looked bit funny with makeup on. I cannot wait to go back to school to learn more.

Sometimes I just don´t understand how my crappy phonecam cam be so crappy that it doesn't even get all the colors... My makeup looks just black :D

The makeup works in black and white as well, apparently. I look like a goth. A little.

I don´t know, what do you think about the colors?

Thanks for reading!



  1. I liked this in Facebook a while ago, and I still like it! It's so fun - who knew that green and pink would look so good together? Ha ;) I can't wait for you to make posts about your school!


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