Jun 2, 2011

Hell over paradise

Hello and welcome to the new layout! It seems that everybody has been busy since the weather is so nice ♥ (No one updating their blog :D) FINALLY the summer came on the first of june! The best part (after the sun of course) is the smell of freshly mowned lawn~ I just hope that I´ll have enough of time to enjoy this summer - as long as it last, because it looks like my schedule is packed up till next christmas :D 

So, first of all I got a new job contract from Itella and I´ll be staying there for three more months. In two weeks, I´ll find out wether I got into a school or not. If not, I have a job interview next monday :D Just to ensure that I do have something in fall. In three weeks it´s Juhannus already and after that I´ll be working two jobs same time for two weeks. ANDDD then i´t Hell over Paradise time! 

Meaning that on of july I´m off to Slovenia, to go to Metalcamp ♫ ♫  ♫ 
IF you do not know what Metalcamp is see here. 

I also got a tee with the ticket
...and this to decorate my wall with ~

and Tolmin is really such a paradise o_O

 Can´t wait!!! only 38 days left! Oh and I also  got tickets to Japan as well ♥ And this time Carin will come with me so we´ll have such a blast. And hopefully not an earthquake blast :D

Oh, hello!
Yesterday I finally got my Niki some company :3 And this one is already standing on my palm ♥ Today I got them both to come and get some snacks from my hand. I´t seems that taming them together is easier than to tame Niki alone. She is one persistent one :D Btw, this new guy is missing a name! Ideas?

Nail Max, CC Lemon, JELLY
 And I don´t know what I´ve done to deserve these, because lately I´ve been a horrible friend... Nevermind that I´ve been too busy or tired to even spend time with my boyfriend ;____; Anygays these goodies my friend got me from Japan. Thank you :3 Btw if you haven´t tasted CCLemon, you have missed something so goood!

Moving on; Can anyone tell me WHY does my font suddenly change??  The first part stays unchanged and the rest goes smaller? Even tho I tried to change the font?? I don´t get this... >.<

And since I´m rambling all over I´ll just add some pics from last weekend ~

World Village Festival

Pretty girls

a mess after birthday party
Digital luggage scale
 Ahh the most convinient thing for a traveler. No more worrying about overweight! From Clas & Ohlson

 Last weekend I also saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which was kind of good, when you had low expectations! This make up look I did inspired by the movie. Altough beforehand...

Maybe some day I´ll learn to smile :o
 Next time! Cooking filler or Sugarpill, Sugarpill, sugarpill


  1. Mitä mitä, mikä ihme toi scale juttu on? Tai siis miten se toimii :o? Mä tarviin jotain tollasta ihan varmasti! :D

  2. se toimii nii et pistetää patterit laitteeseen (laitteessa on metallinen koukku tos alhaalla) ja sitten vaitaan kg yksikkö ja nostetaan punnittava laukku koukusta pitäen ylös ni se kertoo tarkalleen paljon se painaa :DD


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