Jul 21, 2011

Review: BFTE Loving~

 OH what the mailman brought me while I was abroad :)

I didn´t find enough swatches of these Beauty From The Earth colors, so I had to order some myself !

 I got 16 + 1 samples for I think around 29 euros. They came with a handy metal box :) And yes - I´m obsessed with blue/turquoise/green/teal colors :D

BFTE Jars - Click for bigger picture
You can see their true color more in a jar than in the swatches below I think. The camera doesn´t really get the true colors when you swatch them on your hand.


Upper row shadows on a Nyx eyeshadow pen in Milk and below the shadow used wet (in all of the swaches).

Blue Pacific is a bright sea blue with a lot of sparkle. I´d use this wet, because it shows more of a sparkle then.
Blue Bird has to be my favorite from these o_O Such a vibrant deep parrot red. I lovelovelove it!
Paradise is a mix of white, grey and blue. Looks great on a tan skin!
Electric looks so similar to the Blue bird but it actually has a hint of lilac in it, making it really "electric".
Spellbound is a dark and shining dark blue. It kinda reflects the light, making it an awesome dark color.

Green Apple looks more green in the jar :( But the color still looks good on my skin :3
My Pretty is a black with green glitter in it. This one also looks better in jar, but I think I´ll find this useful.
Seafoam is just what the name says, a light green/blue. Better used dry.
Sour is my biggest love from these. It´s the most vibrant and deep color green I have ever met! It actually has a yellowish tone to it (the camera just screwed it up)

Gem looks a bit darker in a jar, but I still like it. A shimmering light teal.
Illusion is a dark deep turquoise with a shimmer and glitter.
7 Seas is the only matte color I got! Great one for a base and mixing it with white.
Caribbean is like a golden color but in light blue :D Looks more green in a jar. Definately a favorite.
Tickle Me is same as the caribbean but with more teal. And I llllove teal! I also shines quite nicely.

Isis used wet is ssoooo beautiful dark shimmering ruby red.
Zach´s Friend I got as an free sample. A light shimmering lilac :) Very pretty!
Tangerine used dry is just a yellow, kinda matte but still shining color. And in wet it´s more of a golden shimmer.

Can´t wait to play with these! Anyone else got opinions about BFTE? :)

Sorry about the messy outcome - I´m in a hurry packing like a maniac :D I´ll be gone a week again but after that I have some Lime Crime for you !


  1. SO gorgeous! I love how you take your pictures too!

  2. Komppaan Siniemiliaa, ihania värejä! Muistin sua tunnustuksella, käy kurkkaamassa:

  3. Beautiful swatches. Loving all the blues O.O!

  4. Great job! If you do any looks with these you should post them on BFTE's Facebook fanpage. The ladies there would love it.

  5. I own them all for the exception of Electric, My Pretty, Seafoam, and Tickle Me. I'm not sure if I have Zach's Friend but they are all amazing colors. This was MY last haul:

  6. Love your swatches! I just pinned them over at Pinterest. Hope it drives some traffic your way.

    Crystal @ BFTE


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