Jul 30, 2011

Review: Just can´t get enough of Lime Crime

Some unicorn lipsticks
Oh jeah! Lime Crime had a sale on 1st of July for facebook fans :) This time I got four lipsticks, the highly hyped eye primer and four more loose shadows :3

They came in these boxes. All are vegan (not tested on animals) and made in USA. The colors are of course great, but I have to mention that the actual lipsticks are not so good. When I received my package, all of the lipsticks were sweating because of the warm weather! And they are kind of wobbly inside the plastic. They don´t have as high quality as for example MAC or Inglot lipsticks have.

From left to right - Retrofuturist, Coquette, No She Didn´t and Centrifuchsia
And here is a swatch of the colors I got.

Retrofuturist; the red is really POPPING red. I mean it has most vivid red color I have ever seen! Both of the reds are kind of very stainable, aka they stay on your lips even after you remove it with make up remover. Yes it´s great that the color does not wear off during the day but I wouldn´t want it to stay on any longer than a day.

Diva; The beige is a little lighter that I anticipated and looks kind of weird on my (just a little) tan skin. But maybe with right makeup I´t look good too.

No She Didn´t aka the light blue one I ordered just for fun. Maybe for some party or somethin - definately NOT for a regular work day :D I´ts just as bright on the lips as it is on the swatch.

Centrifuchia; Mostly (suprisingly) the pink one that fits me the most o_O Great Fuchia color!
And then for the eye primer! Lime Crime calls their primer "Candy eyed eyeshadow helper". It comes in a cute box like this.

Lol matching nails.
This is the bottom of the jar. Suprisingly small jar for a 17 dollars.

And the jar when opened. Weirdly the stuff inside has cracked? o_O This stuff promises to intensify colors,
prevent creasing and it supposed to be moisture resistant. And was it? Yes it was! I had it on last night and I can tell you it was a real party night :`D I went to three different bars in Helsinki and even survived home after that, and when I woke up today, my make up was still flawless! It hadn´t creased at all! I´ve heard soooo much about this product and now it immediately became my favorite. I recommend to _everyone_!

And then for the lovely Magic Dusts :)
I got (obv) Medusa, Troubadour, Diva and Dragon Scales.

Medusa is this dark black with some glitter inside. Sparkle sparkle This goes so well to every dark look, just add a hint of this in the outer corner of you eye ~

Troubadour is a vivid light blue with shimmer. I love blues. No more to add.

Diva is a mix of gold and beige and shimmer. Great for everyday looks :)

Dragon Scales. I can not tell you how much I love this. This kind of changes color depending on light. It is reddish dark brown which has blue and silver tones in it. Sometimes it looks just brown and sometimes it looks really metallic! I took three pictures of the same swatch of this, to show how well it changes (see below). I also took pictures yesterday when I had this on, but I forgot my camera to my friends :D So those pics laterz.

See the difference in Dragon scales?

Yesterday I also got like 10 new nail polishes, which I´ll be presenting sometimes soon :3 Now to see the new Potter movie~


  1. Great review! I haven't tried the shadows yet, but I will very soon. Don't you just love the lip colors?!?! They are so bright and pigmented!

  2. Thanks! I love love love lime crime <3

  3. hey! These eyeshadows haven't been producing still? :(


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