Jul 6, 2011

Review: Voluptuous NYX Jumbo eye pencils ♥

Ignore the random backround

Pride themed

 Elf eyelid primer
Nyx Jumbo eye pencil - Milk whole lid and little on crease
Lime Crime - Lime criminal inner corner and above the crease
Lime Crime - Circus Girl middle of the lid
Lime Crime - Shoe addict outer corner
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Electric Blue lower lash line
Sugarpill - Dollipop  lower lash line
Sugarpill - Tako brow highlight
Wet n Wild eyebrow kit - Ash Brown ★ eyebrows
Maybelline eyeliner
(random mascara  from Lumene)

I ordered four Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo eye Pencils from Ebay - just to see what´s the hype about this time. Once again, a great find!... (and it´s cheap, though it took awhile to arrive)

 These are big eye pencils, which can be used as an eye liner or an eye shadow /base. They´re suprisingly greasy and are super easy to blend. It´s like adding grease on your lids and you can just imagine how well you can add a powder eye shadow on it! Theyre so magnificent, that I just went berserk with the swatches :D

Milk, Black Bean, Electric Blue and Orange

You can clearly see how these shine - they are so moist. Let´s look at them individually!

Milk 604 / White pencil 

Milk 604

I´m already thinking I need a new one, because this one will be in heavy use! This white can make any color pop. From now on I´ll be using this every time I´m using bright colors ♥

There is Sugarpill´s afterparty and the jumbo eyepencil in Milk and then them combined. It kind of makes the color deeper?
On the right there is the jumbo eye pencil in Milk as base and the left one is the color without a primer. So first the Dollipop, it looks pretty same... Meaning only that Sugarpill is amazing! Then there is some random Rimmel eyeshadow (the label was torn off, so I don´t know the name) which I tought was totally useless purcase, until now! On milk it actually looks like shimmery silver, that it is. The left Lime Criminal looks funny because there was some other color left on the brush before I used it >:D. And also I cannot recall what Inglot color that last one is, but you can see the difference here too.

Black Bean 601 - Black pencil

Black Bean 601
So much easier to use this than a normal eye pencil, when doing makeup with a black base! This glides on so smoothly~ And also brings out more of the eyeshadow colors - especially powder ones.

Swatches on Black Bean, compared to skin without a primer
The upper picture shows well, how these colors pop on the black eye pencil :3 With too much light and too little light :D 

Orange 623 - Bright orange pencil

Orange 623
If only I had Sugarpills Flamepoint and Buttercupcake, I´d immediately make a sunset look. Very summery color, can´t wait so see what it goes well with.

The pencil on the left and the loose eyeshadow on the right - and them combined in between. And what a beautiful result! o_O

Electic Blue 622 - Light blue pencil

Electric Blue 622A

A light electric blue, beautiful! Dunno, how to work with it, but definitely a favorite.

There are a few others I´d like to try as well, but first I´d like to see more swatces from the other colors, to see if I should get more of  these lovely pencils or not. I definitely like the ones I got, but the rest looks maybe little dull? At least the color chart on their website is pretty poor I think. It doesn´t really show the colors in their real shape. And I should have a bigger variety of eye shadow colors, so that I could actually use these colored eye pencils instead only using the black and white !

Btw- Lime Crime Had their -35% sale last thursday, and I ordered some coool stuff. More on that, when I get the package :)

- Mari-Liis

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