Jul 1, 2011

Goth Queen meets Punk rebel

My first nail tutorial doing this design! Hope you like it :3

So the theme here is Goth Queen meets Punk rebel ~ I´m a huge favorite on this kind of half moon style.

☆ What you´ll need for this look ☆
1. Nail polish remover
2. Nail Buffer
3. Cutile Oil
4. Base Coat
5. Top Coat
6. Fuchia/pink nailpolish (I´m using Flashbulb Fuschia from OPI)
7. Black nailpolish (I´m using 953 from Inlgot)
9. Black decorating polish or black polish and a brush.
10. Stamping supplies (I´m using Konad plate m  60)
11. Rhinestones

Step 1 - Clean your nails from any nailpolish or grease/dirt, file the edges, buffer the nails and add a base coat.

TIP - In this part I usually add some cutile oil to my cutiles - I´ve noticed that if the cutile is greasy and you accidentally get some nail polich on it (for example in stamping), the polish comes easily off without any nail polish remover!

Step 2 - Use the fuchia colored polish as in the picture above,. Try blending it out, so that it doesn´t create a thick end in the middle of the nail. You can also polish the whole nail if you prefer.

 Step 3 - Stamp the image on the lower part of your nails. This is the hardest part in this desing, because i´ts easy to miss the nail or to get it a little crooked.

Step 4 - Fill in the missing parts with the black decorating polish (if you are as bad as stamping as I am - there might be empty spots). Also draw out the half moon lines. I went over the sides as well to make adding regural polish easier.

Step 5 - Add the Black Polish to the specified area.

Atep 6 - Once dry, add a top coat.

Step 7 - Decorate with rhinestones. I used black ones in three different sizes. Apply some top coat before adding the stones and then apply a top coat again for a longer last, if you wish. The last coat might make your black rhines a little duller, but they´ll last longer.

And you´re done! I´ll gladly take on all comments (since i´ts my first one) - Good and the Bad :)

/)__)    - Mari-Liis


  1. Hey girl! OMG so beautiful....i just love it. Lots of Love!

  2. Upeet kynnet ja vielä upeampi postaus! Vaikka itselleni ei tämä "tekniikka" (jos sellaiseksi voi kutsua) tullut uutena, tosi hyvä ja informatiivinen juttu kuvineen päivineen :) Näitä lisää!!


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