Jul 9, 2011

I´m no beauty queen, I´m just beautiful me

You can just imagine how hard it is to blog when you work 150 hours a week ! :D I think I´ve managed pretty well.. But now the work is over, all of it! Yay~ I´ve never actually been on vacation (since grade school I think :D)

I´ve been getting some amazing stuff lately~
Mallorca Light Blue

Mallorca Light Blue, Paris Peach, Laguna Turquise
 New pastel nail polishes Hot makeup nailpolishes from I´m so getting more of these!
A prettyness new bag :3
Wet´n Wild Ultimate Brow kit
What an amazing pack! It has a mirror, a small brush, small tweezers, two browcolors and a wax. And costs only 6,95 €

As I mentioned previously, I was in the Pride mood last weekend and dressed like it too. And I love those wedges! Actually I love all kinds of wedges, and just recently got some more:

Dolores - Red
SSo bright and beautiful red wedges with shoelace. I so adore these! Only 28 €

Matsumoto 3 - White Snake
I never tought I´d like snakeskin pattern shoes. But turns out I love them! Sale 22 € :3

Inglot 87
..just wanted to show the inglot liner I got while ago. What a great color.

And then just some pics from last weekend..
Carin and teh scary duck
THIS was so much fun!
How incredibly stupid I look here. But I got to "drive" this thin on my own and wow, it´s like driving a motorcycle o_O It goes SO fast.
And some fireplace/sauna quitar moments
Btw. When something as pretty as this happens:

I use this glue and a teabag fabric to repair it, and It´ll look just like the other nails again :)

Ugh, this was a guick post because I´m in a hurry, so sorry about the "quick touch". Have a great weekend - in 17 hours I´m off to Slovenia!


  1. It's a platypus! Not a duck x)))
    Can I steal the picture of me? I look really chubby in it :DDD

  2. Im lovin that blue nail polish....uber hottness chica!

  3. Mitäh, en ymmärrä et miten sä korjaat tolla teepussilla ton kynnen :o Tai siis miten laitat sen siihen. Nyt ei kyllä aivot toimi.

  4. Sutina: Ankka mikä ankka :D steal away~
    Umbrellarain: liimaan sen teepussin siihe kynteen ni se tukee sitä. + ku on hyvä liima ni se jo itsessään tukee kynttä :) unohin ottaa kuvan tekoprosessista --'


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