Nov 13, 2011

Written in the Stars

All of my Lit´s !
Got 8 new Lit´s (top rows)! So in the Lit post I did promise to order some more different glitters next time... but sry I was just too fancied about the solid glitters _

These are the new glitters - all solid ~
Top row; Punk, Twisted Sistah, Marilin Monroe, Fire Cracker. Lower row; Material Girl, Gunmetal, Rich & Famous, Cayman. I ordered 5 and got 8 ;) Thank you Jodie!

My Lit Cubes so far ~ Ahh and I tell you.. none of these pictures really give the right credit to these glitters. You should have seen me today when I swatched these and ran after a good lighting, trying to actually capture the real sparkle on the camera.. :D It would have been fun to watch xD

Jars, jars, jars.... Moving on to the swatches.

With flash
 Gunmetal, Punk, Material Girl, Twisted Sistah, Rich & Famous, Cayman, Marilin Monroe, Fire Cracker.

Fluorecent light
...seee how the Rich & Famous sparkles ☆_

I will be continuing my Lit series also with the new glitters (aka I will do looks with these glitters), I will just not be posting those looks daily, just because I don´t have time to :D

 Some of the new colors looked a bit similar to the old ones, so I also swatched them :)
 Top row; Heavy Metal, Roxy Rolla, Pink Flamingo, Champagne Wishes, Elton Jon, Reboot, London Calling.

AH ALSO TO REMIND and to tell the new readers: The Lit Cosmetics giveaway is still on until the 26th! Just comment below, what color do you like the best of all the glitters I´ve gotten (yes, now including also the new ones). It´s your chance to win a mini me Lit kit. See more rules here :)

The first look will be with Marilin Monroe! Also I a have a few new nail polishes and other exiting stuff coming up ~ And btw. If you like studs, check out Rosi´s newest entry. I think she looks stunningly gorgeous in the first picture!



  1. I love roxy rolla! very pretty...

    Is it true that when the base dries, you can rub your finger over the glitter and it won't budge?

  2. zombies8herbrain: It doesn´t immedially come off, but it does if you really want it to :D I haven´t tried the water resistant yet tho.

  3. Sooo pretty! I need them in my life <3

  4. Omg. It's such a hard decision! Punk is gorgeous, but I'm entranced by Firecracker! :)

    Best of luck to everyone on the giveaway. I'm so excited!


  6. Where can i buy these?? and are they really worth it?


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