Nov 23, 2011

Little Miss Delicious

This has GOT to be my most spontanious purchase _ever_. Some while ago I run across one facebook page and I liked the colors and cute things I saw there, so I "liked" the page. But since I was in a hurry, I forgot all about that page and brand afterwards. Suddenly few days later, an update pops into my Facebook homepage.

"We're offering 15 lucky customers the chance to own £50 worth of Little Miss Delicious goodies for a jaw dropping £15! Each pack contains a selection of cute surprises, including necklaces, bracelets, magnets and more. No two packs are the same, and they will sell out VERY fast - so don't miss out!"

I listened my instincts without any thoughts, clicked to their website and ordered! ...without thinking :D...without actually even knowing what I might be getting x)

The package was a bit smaller of what I had been waiting for, but still did not fit into my mail box ;D

The first thing that caught my attention: the cutest princess/hime hair comb :3 I feel like I could seriously eat the decoration on it!!

other side up
Cookie earrings! X____________X How cute! I love these the most. Also very edible :P

Cherry earrings, these I found quite ordinary. I bet I could find something similar in a normal yewelry store.

And a donut necklace :D Actually, if you add any one of these to you costume, it will stand out. I noticed this when I was wearing this necklace at work with just normal work clothes, it really stood out :P IN a cute way!

It´s a shame that I didn´t get any bracelets or rings :( Also I would have wanted a colorful donut! :/ Check out Little Miss Delicious blog here :)

I also went to Gina Tricot some while ago.. And told me that I couldn´t buy anything. I still did. When I´m not supposed to buy anything, I buy even more. *sigh* Anyone know this feeling?

So I got a matching bracelet and a necklace :)


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