Nov 14, 2011

If I´m not a star, you´re blind

Rio - Silver Spectra nails
Foiled nails in direct sunlight! These are the same nails I showed you a preview already. -> Awfully much pictures ahead.

 I ordered the Rio Holographic nails set from UK for under 30 euros. Neat, simple and easy packaging.

Rio logo

*Hygiene sealed*

 Inside there was a dvd, and some brochures and instructions. The dvd does not only contain info about the foiling, but other nail designing methods also! Very convenient, yes.

 Some rhinestones, a small brush, cutile stick, golden glitter, the adhesive and 2-in-1 polish.

 The 2-in-1 varnish works as a base and a top coat. Adhesive is the glue you use to glue the foils onto your nails.

Top row; Silver Matchmaker, Silver Shellite, Silver Snowflake, Super Rainbow and Silver Starry Nights
Lower row: Silver Spectra, Silver Horizontal, Silver Snakeskin, Large Silver Glitter, Silver Menagerie

So how does this actually work?

Step 1 - Apply a regular polish base and some nailpolish, or put on just the Rio 2-in-1 varnish. Let it to dry 30 minutes.

Step 2 - Apply one coat of the adhesive on your nails. Let it dry until it´s totally clear.

Step 3 - Put on the chosen foil. Rub it onto the nail with the stick. Peel the rest of the foil of and finish the design with another 2 coats of the 2-in-1 varnish. Done!

Even the first attempt looks super pretty in sunlight :)

ahh.. how about those cuticles...

My first attempt? I was way too impatient with the adhesive. I waited aroud like only for 30 secs and the put on the foil. And the result was that I couldn´t peel it off without everything coming off, because the clue was too sticky. I was too afraid for the adhesive to dry too much, so for all of the nails, I put on the foil too fast. But still I was pleased with the result.

I put on Inglot´s silver nail polish before glueing the foil. So in this picture, you cannot really see the gaps that were left in between. And sry my cuticles look... horrid :B

The second attempt was a little better; also to show you how this is done!

So after the adhesive you add the foils... and rub them on with a cuticle stick that came with the package.

And this is when you peel the foil off.

I´m using Silver Shellite

Foil pieces after use :)

 ...and then the end result.. Before a top coat. A bit sloppy still. I have so huge nails to foil the whole thing.

Love the sparkle on the nail tho :) This looked good for...  20 hours and then turned into horrid mess. I put pink metallic nailpolish under it, and it did not look good :D

This is definately a great christmas present for those who love to play with their nails, and love to stand out. In other hand, I would not recommend this for the beginners, because it was hard for even me at the first time! Good for an impeccable impression, for a party for example, but not for everyday use. Check out Rio´s webpage!

What do you think? Worth a shot?



  1. Love the snowflake and how the picture shows a foiled tip - Super cute! Going to investigate...

  2. wow this is awesome !!! Ive never seen anything like this in canada....I wonder if theres a way you could just use aluminum foil from the kitchen as a cost friendly version...mmmmhmmm lol
    love it as always

  3. Make-up addiction: I actually thought of that too x) But the broblem with the "normal" foilis that it´ll break down :) These Rio foils have kind of plastic coat on them, so you can actually peel the extra foil off!


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