Nov 22, 2011

I don´t mind you keeping me on pins and needles

China Glaze - Blue Iguana
 Ahhhhhh I LOVE this blue! It has a sheer violet shimmer to it - altho the picture doesn´t show.

 And the polish was also so very lasting! I forgot to add a top coat but still the manicure lasted very clean for over a week o_O Aka no chipping or breaking - none.

 Last Saturday I was at a friends house-warming party! Hoo, and after that we moved to downtown to Base. Which was very FULL. Almost didn´t get in!

With Marjut and Rosi... And Valtteri behind us.
 Do notice our really different and outstanding hair colors x) Magenta//pink, nuclear red and lavender \o/

 I was wearing a skirt I ordered from Australia like ages ago, never worn before ! :D What a waste! (I had piled a lot of other skirts on top of it so I kinda forgot It´s existence :P)

also a Spirit Store boots... worn many many times.

 I took a picture of Rosi´s leather jacket´s studs :P Neat, huh? Somehow reminds me of Lady Gaga (now that the picture is in Black and White.)

Rosi got a flower necklace while I was in a bathroom :DD

Haven´t lately been feeling like writing, thus so little from me also this time. I do have a lot of pictures, just nothing to say :D I hate these long dark days when it just rains all the time and you feel like there is only but darkness everywhere.


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