Nov 3, 2011

☆ Last friday night ☆

China Glaze - Nova
This time I have a lot of nailpolishes to show! ~ I reallllly haven´t done my nails well in ages so I tought I´d pull myself together once again :)

Originally I saw these on some blog - in original rainbow colors. Sorry I don´t remember where! But I used Inglot´s white varnish and then just dotted on some colors that I have. And then topped it off with China Glaze´s Nova.

...too much contrast o_O My camera has a mind of it´s own...
...Moving on! I got three new polishes last week:

OPI - Japanese Rose Garden
I got interested in this one mainly because of the name, haha :D It´s a sweet pink with a hint of a gold-ish shimmer. Rather pretty, but looks weird on me, I´m maybe not so pink person !

In daylight
In daylight it looks a bit more lilac-like.. Great color anyways, maybe I´ll do some decorating on it!

OPI - Last Friday Night
 FINALLY! I got my hands on some Katy Perry´s collection by OPI. This looks very blue-like in the bottle, but in reality it´s quite sheer light blue with a lot of glitter. I probably would not wear this just on nude nail. So..

 I put some blue nailpolish under the Last Friday polish and then topped it off with the Black Shatter!

It came up suprisingly vivid. This was my second time ever using the shatter polish, so I´m still learning how to apply it.

OPI - Black Shatter
I don´t have much to say about this. Works just the way I supposed it to work... Easy to make a imposing effect, with only a small effort.

OPI - The on That Got Away
 Oh I love this color! Deep vine red with shimmer, I´d say.

 The one that got away with black shatter. Lovely aye? Yes I´m holding a MAC lipstic

 When I apply the shatter, at first it looks like it doesen´t shatter that much. And when I look at my nails the next day, it look like the shattering has grown during the night. Weird, huh? Because I always apply a top coat on the design...

...Altho the bottle came to me broken D: And I could not reach the seller anymore... So I just fixed it myself! ;) Here you can also see there is some goldie shimmer inside !

And now - enough with the polishes, here is a family potret I managed to take one morning ♥ All of my birds are doing well and they have been healthy, I´m so happy about that!

Can you guess what this is? Hehehe.. This is a sheet of paper, where the sun happened to shine on while I was working and there was some plastic thingy next to it, so it reflected this beautiful rainbow to the paper :)

This week I´ve done some really interesting orderings, you´ll find out when I get them ! Did you like any of the polishes or nails this time?



  1. OMG Your rainbow nails looks AWESOME! I'm so gonna try it out after my major exams in December :) You're so talented honey! You got skills.
    Awesome blog. Keep it up!
    God bless!

  2. I really really REALLY love the rainbow polka dots. I may have to attempt something similar, just not sure I have the skills!! haha

  3. Adele Kong: Thank you sweetie :3
    Sal: I´m sure you have the skills. Please do link here if you post a picture of it, yes? ;)


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