Jun 29, 2011

The truth is just a rule you can bend

The best Juhannus ever... As I mentioned before, I was in venetmäki at the "Repo" household. Repo means fox, it´s the familys surname. They own this huuge beautiful school, it´s so unique.
Repo the Fox
The Repo family was soo kind to make as all the dishes during the weekend from breackfast to nightsnack!!! So we could just enjoy and party ~ I actually played a lot of volleyball, you should see my hands, which are blue :D And the best part was of course the best company ever, but also that it never bacame dark outside :3 I played the volleyball like till 2 am and thought the time was something like nine pm!

Guys cheating

We also had Venetmäki olympics! And as you can see the guys cheated :D The girls aka the Powerpuff team was the last of course :D

Tyty (Anni) Cheering

Can you even make a beer can look more finnish? :D

Snow Crystal - Spring Lilac 452
Konad stamping

Messy ~

What a gear :`D

Best people ever ♥
I finally feel like I got to enjoy summer, even though it rained a lot and there vere illegally too much mosquitoes. Happy happy ~

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  1. Wow! That looks like so much fun! :o) And, the nail art is just beautiful!


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