Jun 7, 2011

Everyone´s got a theory about the bitter one

Hello redhead!
Last friday we calebrated my friend Jennas 21st birthday!

Bday girl
Guys.... doing their.. thing. :D

flamingo. duh.
We had fun and ended up dancing in Flamingo~ Btw trying to get home from there in the middle of the night can be a bitttt hard (it´s far from where I live). Noted!

I also met up with Stina. OH, well she came to my place :D 

I took a picture of Stinas necklace (boobs). What were you thinking (boobs). :D

Last week I got a package filled with Sugarpill goodies!!! And so this was my look with them last friday:

I´ll do the review later on. 

But mentioning producs, I also got:

Palette for contour and highlighting
Btw it´s a wrong one, from what I ordered, so the seller is shipping me another one :3

Elf eyelid primer

And lashes
I ordered these lashes for 0.11 $ on ebay ! And first I got the wrong item and then it took like two months to get the right one. And then they came looking like this - mostly destroyed in the post... oh well..

new tights
ft. crappy editing.

Last saturday (I cannot believe I´m saying this) I ended up in a forest. To party. What? :D

In Vuosaari there is a place called Mustavuori. And there is a huge forest. We went there. Made it mainly following hippies (lol). And what was there?

Huuuuge forest rave party!

A lots of people just dancing, hanging out, having good time. In the forest. It was amazing :D I´m so going next time too!

Today I also received my Lime Crime orded, but that review will have to wait till next time!



  1. Ahahahaaa :D Can't get over how MASSIVE my boobs (and how tiny my waist) look in that picture!!! :D

    Ja emt mitä sie valitit noista sini-violetist meikist! Hyvältähän se näyttää!

  2. Nice body I´d say! ja ne meikit mist valitin ni en ottanut edes kuvaa xD Siin oli jotai vihreetä ja sekamelskaa :P

  3. No kelpais jos se oikeesti ois tommonen! :D
    Ah! Noku muistin että olisit sanonu just sini-violeteist x)
    No mutta tämä on selvä ;)


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