Jun 15, 2011

Kicks sale!

So today I actually went to Inglot shop to get a new gel liner. I also hunted for Armani´s Eyes to Kill Marcara and OPI´s new glam slam nailpolishes, but guess what! Even Stockmann does not sell them... yet.

Inglot Matte Gel liner 87
Package and the jar

So from Inglot I got this beautiful gel liner color 87. Been wanting this for the longest time already. 

Inglot 31 T
 I also got a new eyeliner brush. My old one is pretty destroyed by heavy use :D

And thennn I walked past Kicks and whoo they are having 30-50% sale!!! I usually just don´t go inside the shop, because it´s so _expencive_. But this time was worth it :)

BeYu Soft liner 667
Upper swatch is BeYu 667
Lower Inglot 87
You probably guess by now what´s my favorite color? :D This pencil liner cost 4,50 € (9 €)

Snow Crystal - Spring Lilac 452
Snow Crystal nailpolish 4 € (8€). Pretty pastel color with a golden shimmer in it~

OPI - Color so hot it berns
OPI nailpolish 11,35€ (16,29€). Can you believe this is my first red nailpolish? O_O Its almost pastel like color, quite matte tone. Good basic red!

China Claze - Ruby Pumps 70577
China Glaze nailpolish 10 € (was not on sale). The picture doesn´t give enough credit, but it actually is a really looks like there´s ruby glitter inside ♥ It´s a bit dark color besides.

Btw if you combine these last two colors, you´ll get more toned down red !

And that´s it for the Kicks shoppings (still trying to save money for my upcoming trips), but I did also go to Glas Ohlson to get some boxes to organise this make up, nailpolish, yewelry, stuff-mess/chaos. And I now realize I have to buy waaaaay more boxes.

Part of the chaos toned!
...but these guys still wont fit anywhere....
And as I mentioned earlier about the contouring/highlight/blush palette that I got was wrong, and I´d be getting the right one, here it is!

..tough one color bit broken..
I ppromise to finish the Lime Crime review by friday! :3

PS. Somehow I´m in love with this song

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