Jun 13, 2011

Dance like it´s the last night of you life

I cannot believe it´s summer. I´m still living in January I think! But anyways, I had the most wonderful weekend ever, and I´m so sad it´s over! I had time to go to the beach, to hang out with my friends and even watch the Godfather :D And numerous repeats of MTV movie awards (Mtv was showing them all weekend. Over and over again.)

...added cute deco to my camera :3

Oh jeah and the nails! I almost forgot. So this weeks nails:

OPI - base and top coat
Konad method flower
Kiss nail art silver polish over the flover
Lumene natural code Go grazy (12) mixed with Live it up (9) on tips

 I for some reason for thinking of Malibu when doing these ~ And yes, I´m holding Lime Crime box

Some random~
 ...just to show that brown can make blue eyes *POP*!

 So, besides insanely enjoying the beautiful weather, I took a lots lots and lots of pictures! We even ended up going just photographing on sunday; so here are some of the pictures!


"Watch out for playing kids" (Theyre dangerous)

 Btw; if someone is wondering, my birds are also doing fine!

xo xo ~

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