Jun 16, 2011

Review: So bright, it´s Illegal / Lime Crime

I finally got this sooo lovely package from Lime Crime. Joy time!

Playing with colors~

Elf eye primer
Lime Crime - Lime criminal wet on the whole lid
Lime Crime - Shoe addict on the outer corner and under
Lime Crime - Circus Girl on the inner corner
Sugarpill - Starling and Magpie on the outer corner and under

What is Lime Crime?
A make up line made by Doe Deere. You can check her blog out here. In short, she is a russian, that went to US to pursue her dreams and invented the line, to get the colors the world was missing. They sell "magic dust" eyeshadows and bright lipsticks. And all of the protucts are vegan :3 I ordered my package from their website link!

BTW! Lime Crime is having 30% off sale, the date will be announced on June 24st on their Facebook page!

So, I´m once again doing an honest review. I purchased these items myself and I have no reason to lie. I can tell that I have high expectations of the products, after reading sssooo much praise about them!

So first off, I´m bummed for not ordering any lipsticks! I didn´t have enough money then.. But maybe now when the sale starts! Instead I got four eyeshadows!

...cuuuute package!
The products came in this package. I jumped of joy when I saw it. It immidiatelly tells about bright colors! It took just over a week to arrive in Finland.

Magic dust box 
The downside of this jars are that they are made of some cheap plastic and it is sometimes hard to close the top lid. I find myself constantly fighting with them.

These I got; Empress, Shoe Addict, Lime Criminal and Circus girl

And here are some swatches:
Dry from left to right
Lime Criminal
Circus Girl
Shoe Addict

Wet´n dry on black

Wet on skin - Circus Girl, Shoe Addict, Lime Criminal and Empress

Wet´n dry with flash
And then lets look at the colors individually! Just because sometimes when you do swatches and take photos of them, you notice that some of the colors disappear under the influence of others. If you know what I mean ;)

Empress used wet on a primer
 Ugh i´m not good at blending D: . I like how the color has this blueish shimmer to it. In a jar it looks like just dark purple, but in real it turns to be more this royal silver shaded purple. I like it veeeery much

Lime Criminal
Lime Criminal used wet on a primer, gel eyeliner from Maybelline
This Lime Criminal is Lime Crime´s signature color. This is very bright and vibrant lime color~ Obv. I find this color to be a lot shinyer than the others that I got, but that just fits the color. Best lime I´ve seen!

..and the lime goes well with red! Wearing Inglot lipstick 229

Shoe addict

Shoe addict used wet on primer, feat some Inglot colors and Maybelline eyeliner
In this picture it looks a lot like Sugarpills Afterparty but in real this one has more "glittery" look. I luv luv luv this color! Simply awesome.

Circus Girl
And with this color, I don´t have an eye swatch. Why you may ask? When you apply this color wet, it looks normal, shimmery as the rest. But when you start to blend, all of the shimmer falls off and you end up having normal yellow o_o! So this is more like additional color, for inner corner etc. When I did the look in the first picture, I used this dry and it looked nice.

In future I want to get at least Medusa, Siren, Trubadour, Diva and Dragon scales of magic dusts And the primer. I definately want to try the primer. Anyone got opinions of it? And then from the lipsticks I want at least.... all of them. Let´s see!


  1. I think the lime criminal would also work better accentuated with some other color. It isn't quite that strong on its own to combat your AWESOME red hair.

    But what do I know, I'm just a guy.
    -Secret admirer

  2. Ooh, at least the jars are criminally cute looking even if the lids are difficult!

    And I kinda agree with Secret admirer, the Lime Criminal works better with your red hair when accompanied with another colour :3

  3. just stumbled across your site/page......what brand of hair color are you using?? goldwell or pravana???? love it

  4. Been meaning to do a hair post for a few days, so soon I´ll tell ;)


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