Jun 28, 2011

Red Revolution

~ Hair from the side ~
  Lately I´ve been getting some comments about my "gorgeus" red haircolor! :) So let´s talk about my hair, shall we? :3 I´ve had aaaalll kinds of hair color you can think of... From red to green, from black to blonde.

Some time ago I went from black to red - which was not easy because I had been using "shop" color black (dying it myself at home), which does NOT come off. So first we had to gently bleach my hair two times and then I´ve been just adding red ever since. Can´t really tell what brand I´m using - we usually mix whatever looks good :)

Usually I get bored with my hair color really easily, but I´m really liking this red, and I´m staying with it... for awhile at least :)

Some previous styles:


Nowdays (with a light that makes the color look bit orange o_O)

So how do I get it so red? Considering that there is the black color stuck deep within the hair and the red color usually washes out pretty fast. All bright haircolor owners know that it is slightly impossible to maintain the vivid color for more than a week.

So I thought I´ll list some of my favorite hair producs~

Schwarzkopf  BC Bonacure - Repair Rescue

This condioner/mask immidiately makes the hair more alive. Almost like feeding it the vitamins it needs. Best "normal" conditioner.

Schwarzkopf  BC Bonacure - Color Save Shampoo

 I´m also using same set shampoo. Comes in a big and easy to use bottle.

KC Professional Color Mask - Pepper
...and here the secret is! Color mask in pepper color. Makes even the dullest red hair as bright as the strawberries ❤ Best best best tinting condioner ever. My favorite. Don´t think I´l ever have to try another one.

+ It smells ssso good.
+ Gives you a deep vivid red
+ Can be used home

- you have to use gloves when applying :D

Davines Alchemic Conditioner
This conditioner works well, even with brown hair. The stuff inside is a bit scary tho, it´s bright pink! Great for shine, but does not color the hair. Good for moisture!

Goldwell - Hot Darling
 A styling lotion, which protects the hair from heat. Always always always remember to use something like this when blow drying etc your hair! The "hotness" really damages the hair! To use, apply to damp hair and blow-dry or style with a hair straightener.

Sim sensitive System 4 Chitosan Hair repair
  A leave-in spray for dry and damaged hair, also protects from the heat and sun. Is supposed to rebuild and repair the dameges in the hair with chitosan and creatine.

Nivea Styling Mousse
 Great for long lasting volume~ Also protects the hair from the heat. Works well if you dont add too much :D

Bigsexyhair Volume Dry Shampoo
 Having a bad hair day? This will fix it! Just spray the product to the hair and comb off. "Use on dry hair to absorb dirt, excess oil and protuct build-up. Greate volume, providing UV protection and helping to maintain color" There is only one bad side, just like in the rest of the worlds dry shampoos. After one use, the bottle starts leaking dry, and mine took like three weeks and... five uses, until the bottle had only little liquid inside anymore, and nothing came out.

Anyone happen to like any of these products? :)

Don´t we just love Gagas current hair?!


  1. Have once tryed tha color mask -pepper and i didnt notice any difference in my hair but maby that was because i'm useing henna color. Havent never use dry shampoo but lately i have strugeled cause my hair have lost all its volume so if it does help im ready to try it ^^ where can it be bought? Do you have any advices for how to get long lasting volume to hair?

  2. About the color mask - I usually apply A LOT of it and wait for a LONG time :D:D Dunno, might be the henna :)

    I actually got that dry shampoo as a gift, I think it was bought from some wholesale.. :/ But about the volume! My hair usually gets really greasy really fast and the volume disappears as fast too. The Nivea mousse I mentioned has been helping me to maintain that volume! It makes hair kind of fluffy and light for even a few days. My hair that is... Also on key point about the volume is blow drying your hair to a sertant shape. This takes time to learn (I still havent >_<), because you have to go over all of the hair with a comb moving in a sertant way.

    Oh, and! If your hair gets greasy fast and so the volume disappears, you can try changing your shampoo & conditioner more often. It gives more "life" to the hair when you give it a little changes from time to time. And you can also try other dry shampoos (hiuspuuteri) - they should all have the same principle of how they work :)

  3. And you can try minimizing the conditioner - just add it to the ends of the hair. Also good to remember that some shampoos can flatten the hair itself.


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