Dec 11, 2011

Lingerie de Peau

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation
First of all - I seriously know nothing about foundations. I´ve always gone with the cheapest one. So this is my first ever 'more expencive' one. What I did was I went to the beauty store and just asked to see some good foundations. And this is what came home with me!

I wanted something I could wear on day as well at night and that would not clog my pores. And I got it! "As invisible to the eye as to the touch, it fuses with the skin like an imperceptible second skin. Impalpable and secret, this shapely, silken veil renders the complexion sublime without artifice." The saleswoman said that this includes some minerals, thus the bottle should be shaken before using.

Rose Clair, 12

SPF 20!

So the saleswoman suggested that I´d try the color 12, Rose Clair. It seemed to match my skin without any effort. What I later on noticed, that this is actually a bit more yellow/beige than what hoped. BUT. This product is semi opaque (puolipeittävä??) and it seems to tone down the redness of my skin! So no separate green consealer needed for that :) On their website it says "The skin is coloured and evened out with total transparency. No colour is visible on the face; the complexion is simply fresh, radiant and disarmingly natural."

I love love love the logo of this Guerlain :) I haven´t actually ...ever heard of them. Or maybe I have but I haven´t paid any attention.

See? A bit more yellow.

But blends seemingly.

Applied on the right part of my hand. Can you see the difference? This has to be the dream product.

I also got a free sample of Clarins Day Cream!

And I´ve already used like all of it :D This thing gives a lot of moisture, with still a matte finish and also dries really fast as well!

The foundation wasn't as expencive as I would have tought, only 55 €. I think that is a cheap price for as good product as this is. Definately worth the price. This will also last for a good while, because of the rather big bottle :)


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