Dec 4, 2011

Kick the Bass

Iron Fist - New Rider Platform Bootie
I wanted to present these new shoes I got last week. I´m already deeply in love . These are also my first (ever) pair of Iron Fist shoes. I doubted a long time in getting these, mainly because of the high price. But now that I´ve used these for a few days nonstop already, I can assure you, that the price covers comfortability ;)

Instructions for Iron Fist shoes

Perfect for winter and for summer! Really comfortable to use, and they´re really killer looking ;D I love all of the details!

Inside there is a red lining with black symbols. 

Size 39, perfect for me!

And even the bottom has a decoration :3
More skulls! I also like the red version of these shoes, but I choose these black ones, because the skulls are not THAT visible when walking around.

And even studs!

Really elegant from behind ~

And good looking from the front as well ♥__

Anyone else think these are a great purchase? ;)



  1. omg! Completely in love with these! <3 that the sequins are obviously skulls, but someone just glancing quickly would never notice. What's the height of the heel?

  2. The platoo is 3 cm and the heel height is about 12 cm! So all together these give you 15 cm more height, but are still easy to wear because of the platform :)

  3. OMG OMG OMG sooooo freaking gorgeous and sexy! I want these shoessss!

  4. my jaw just hit the floor. Freakin awesome!


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