Dec 8, 2011

Eyes to Kill

Giorgio Armani - Eyes to Kill

Exiting news! I finallllly got the mascara I´ve been thinking of getting for months now. And just my luck, that when I actually went to buy it, there was already a newer version available ♥

So I dived my way into Giorgio Armani's word in Helsinki's Stockmann and drooled all over their products. The saleswoman convinced that this new product is even better than the Diorshow mascaras! And she was also wery impressed with my nails :D

The mascara 'case' itself is actually quite heave, just the way I like it. The heaviest I´ve ever tried. Also it has a cool metal vibe to it, me likes ♥

Giorgio Armani ♥ Pure elegance

The color I got, was black (duh).

The brush has kind of two sides to it, that the pictures don´t really show. I cannot bend my english to know how to explain it :DD It makes applying layers of mascara easier anyways.

The product itself is really easy to like. Easy to apply, really smooth, black lashes as a result. I really like that this product doesn´t clump even after a few layers :)
Made in France

You can buy this gorgeus thingy online here! I don´t have any pictures to show any swatches or anything because... First of all my lashes are already quite black, so you wouldn´t see the the same difference in them as it is in real life. Also I will be using this mascara anyway in all of my make-ups, so you can see it there as well.

EDIT: I meant to say; DEFINATELY worth the price :)


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