Dec 21, 2011

2010 vs 2011

Whew! I got this challenge from Rosi (like.. many months ago), and the point is to choose two photos; one from the fall of 2010 and one from 2011.
" Choose two photos, one taken in fall 2010 and the other now in 2011. Then throw this challenge to three other bloggers."

Summer 2010
I think that the main point here is, that in 2010, I hadn´t even tought about having my own blog. I had a different job... I didn´t own even half of the make-up I do now... I didn´t have a camera... So I also had very little photos of me at that time. The only decent one is actually from summer/spring 2010, but I´ll still use it :D

I had black hair and in this picture, I had just purchased my first hair extensions ~
Fall 2011
And now? I´m official make-up-, nailpolish-, and glitter junkie. My hair is reddish like and I own a ton of shiny jewelry. All about vanity huh... I actually have a job I like and I´m quite pleased with my life right now :3

The challenge goes to:
Sahily Anais

Next time I´ll present some Inglot swatches ;) 
(I STILL haven´t heard from my Lime Crime's Lipglosses. Hmpf. )


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  1. Woah! If I didn't know that was you I wouldn't have been able tell they were the same person, lol!


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