Dec 30, 2011

See you next year!

From a sale~
Oh, was it christmas? Again it went past by so fast... So much eating and sleeping :P I went down with a flu on christmas eve (AGAIN) and I´m still having some symptoms >_> It´s always so much fun to serve a customer when you look like you´re crying. That is also the reason why I don´t have any makeup looks for you today. Also I lost my camera cord so I cannot upload any pics :D Hopefully next year will start stronger x)

The best part about the end of the year is that now the days start to get "longer" again! So the worst dark times are once again gone, without losing my sanity, that is :D I´m so sick and tired of the sun going down at 3 pm... And without any snow it´s always so dark :('

I don´t actually even feel that the year changes tomorrow.. I´m always working and I don´t even know where or with who I´ll be changing the year with :D 

Hot makeup nailpolish in light blue with Opi's Last Friday night
Ahh.. I have Sigma brushes, Sugarpill loose shadows (still) and a lotta of xmas presents to show next year. When I´m healthy and all. Oh I also have... 3 pair of new shoes. And new lipglosses. 6 of them.Till then!

I wish you all happy and healthy year 2012!  

Gambatte and I will return next year with even more hideous make-up looks and nails and stuff ;)


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