Dec 9, 2011

Death to analog

SHOES *gasp*
Hehe.. An explanation of what I´ve been up to. I FINALLY got to Ikea and organised my apartment a little. Been meaning to go to Ikea for two years now :D Before this huge organising, my room for clothes was so messy and full of stuff - I didn´t even fit in to stand in there. I basically just dived into the cloth pile when trying to find something. Also my shoes were in the corridor(next to the bird cage), always full of bird dust, and I was so tired of always cleaning my shoes before I could use them! So I rearrenged them into the clothing room like above :) Pretty neat huh? No more bird dust cleaning AND I can actually see from what shoes to choose from!

 ...not all of my shoes fit the 'shelf' so I stacked my boots on the floor :) Hmm... Only two pairs are NOT black :D

Belts 'n stuff

I also purchased a glass vitrine :3 Only 49 euros! Finally I have a place to store my yewelry and makeup :) And nailpolishes! (Before I can get a rack). And of course, now they are safe from the birds dust and their beaks ;)

BTW! Julien-K has released a new single, Breakfast in Berlin!!! After like million years. Not my favorite, but get´s me exited for the new album, being released in January! For those of you who doesn´t know this band, they released their first album 'Death to Analog' in March 2009, song 'Kick the Bass' being the first single. This will be their second album (I was sure the band quit already).

From the Death to Analog album, European release.

Their song 'Technical Difficulties' made the Transformers movie.

Actually I found out about the band in 2004, when the game Sonic Heroes came out :D It featured a song 'This machine', what whas the "team dark's" theme.

 Later on Julien-K made another song for the Sega Sonic series, this time the song was only for the character Shadow the Hedgehog. Who would not love Shadow?! This song... was not my favorite. Instead this was the time I fell in love with Crush40! ...but that´s a story to some other time. Do note that I was like 14 years old at that time x)



  1. could you do a post about ur shoes? id like to see them more closer <3 please !!!

  2. Thanks for the idea, I might even do it ;) Stay tuned!


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