Dec 23, 2011

Natural Born Killers

 Time for some Inglot vanity! I tought I´d present all of my Inglot colors :) Earlier this week I went to buy my mom her first palette - and of course I just had to buy one for myself too :3.

And sooo much welcome to all of the new readers !!! I´m so honored, I never tought I´ve reach 100 readers o_O Thank you!

 This is the new palette! Mainly pearl colors - I´m so deeply in love with these! They are so easy to apply and to blend, AND they have so much pigment in them.

The funniest thing... This pearl blue I saw in some blog some while ago. And  I tought I need to get it! And I did. So I came home after that, and what do you see... I already own it in a round palette!!! I´m so stupid :D

HIGHLY pigmented! Brilliant colors x_x Just one touch and that is the result...

I was taking a picture of the palette but instead... This is where the magic happens. I have a laptop and a different screen attached to it - I like to work on multiple screens.

Ahh I´m too tired to write the names and numbers down... You should be able to see from the palettes, which swatch and pan is the same...

( hand looks sso weird)

These are the eyeshadows I got for my mom. A neutral palette!

It´s almost christmas! And I still have sooo much to do... Insane.

More, and more... and more...and more.
 I hope we´ll get some real snow for christmas :) This picture I took last weekend in Estonia, where there was - even if for only for a short time - white snow covering the ground ~

Ya´ll have a very merry christmas ♥



  1. Wah, we have no snow either. But oh my god that BLUEEEEEEE, I just want to swim in it!!

  2. That blue indeed is gorgeus; Can´t wait to play with it!!

  3. Your blog is amazing!
    please check out mine! i could use some help as a begginer. :)!
    and please follow me back <3!

  4. INGLOT tekee todella pigmenttisiä luomivärejä! Hintakaan ei ole paha.

    Love, Heidi


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