Jan 10, 2012

Everybody run to the break of dawn

SO! I look like an idiot in that picture :D These pictures are from New Years Eve ~ (yes I´m bit slow nowdays ;) ) We went to Tapiola to a friend's friends apartment to change the year. The apartment was on the 10th floor and we went just a few steps up to the roof when the year actually changed :) I forgot my camera inside, but I can tell you that it was quite a view!
Lovely Eliza with the same hat

Marjut and her gorgeus red hair! I´m so jelous ;_____________;
Muu ~
I think Eliza picked this guy up somewhere and it has been travelling with her ever since ;)

...Muu participated in the game also.
(.... I actually lost on every round. )

The apartment was actually really well decorated, a lot of Japanese/Chinese decorations and stuff.

... I found this picture really funny :DDD

 Lovely spider necklace found from Japanese shop in Helsinki. Their rent contract was ending so everything was hugely on sale and I got myself three new necklaces :3

For some reason I went around taking pictures of pretty tattoos I saw on people.

Isn´t that just beautiful ♥_____♥

And nobody knows what happened to the toilet paper. Actually also the household cat went missing for quite a while during the party :D Too much crowd...

I just signed up for motorcycle classes! I´m super exited ~ And now I´m gonna go get my Sigma brushes from the post office and present them to you afterwards. Have a nice evening ♥



  1. haha! Love the cherubs & the beer cans!

    can't wait to see your sigma brushes! I've been tempted on getting my own...

  2. Tahdon tuon koppalakin! :< Ja nättimys sinä <3


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