Jan 8, 2012

FYI - About Doe Deere lies

Please - I´d like to all of my readers to read this.

I just got back from a weekend trip and went trough my latest view details. It seems that a site called "Doe Deere Lies" has published my latest Lime Crime lipglosses photo and written some ridiculous things about them. And the commenters have written some ridiculous stuff about me! See link here.

So. I´m here now to clarify things. First of all, I have never tought anything negative about Lime Crime. Some people are scared about ordering their products, saying that they are bad of what ever. I don´t really have time to read this crap on the internet. If anyone has some real info about them, please link it below.

Just now I tried to comment on the photo - asking them to take down the photo, because they are using it without my permission. And it makes me mad.

Here are the comments:
"Can't deal with all the typos in her review! She mentions that she applied 3 layers of Loop-De-Loop and that the reds are both really staining."
 -Yeah, the product is not perfect, it stains and so makes the color easier to stay longer?? To make that kind of photo like I did, of course I had to apply like ton of layers. Anyone that thinks that I would actually wear these glosses like this, are idiots themselves. I did those swatches to show how the colors look like, because you cannot see them in the tube.

"I also didn't realize they had a bubblegum scent. That sounds icky"
- It´s not. Don´t judge if you haven´t tried.

"I saw these photos and thought they looked really gross. There is so much product on her lips it looks like if she were to talk it would go all over her teeth and into her mouth. UGhhhh"
-That´s an honest opinion. The writer did not like the photos - ok. But the gloss was not all ofer my teeth nor my mouth. Again - Don´t judge if you haven´t tried.

"Almost none of the swatches/examples of the glosses in the reviews show the person's whole face. Probably cos it looks ridiculous on LC fans because their makeup skills aren't always up to par."
- Ahh, haterz gonna hate. I don´t always have pictures of my face because I´m not that self-loving. Honestly, grow up.

"Ah ah ah! I know, her facebook page is a collection of makeup disasters!"
- Hmm. I don´t know how could this person have visited my facebook page, because all of my photos are hidden from outsiders.

"Just going to make another quick observation: her skin tone is different in each picture along with being exceptionally smooth in the swatches which suggests some photoshopping :/"
- Oh my, if you had even read half of what I wrote, you would know why. I TAKE MY PICTURES INDOORS. In a different lamp lights, my skin and the products look different. I mean.. really. Think with your brains if you have them.

"That looks disgusting! Like colored Vaseline glopped onto lips. How is that even remotely attractive, or appealing? Blech. It's not like you could really wear that much lipgloss out anywhere either. For one thing, if you have long hair, it would make a huge mess on your face with the barest hint of wind. If you went out to eat, you would make a HUGE mark on all the glasses, end up eating it on your fork when you ate food, and it would just look so gross.

Also, why do NONE of these people actually wipe the edges of their mouths with a tissue before taking photos? You're supposed to get a tissue and wipe the edges of your lipline and the corners of your mouth so that you actually have a lipshape that is not a weird line of lipstick/lipgloss like that! It's not supposed to be raised several mm's above like that!
-Hmm, true my hair has a time of two passed my lips when wearing the glosses. But again - I don´t really wear this much of gloss in real life... Come on now. These pictures are to show colors!!!

 "Yeah but she says it like i's such a good thing, I can't tell if she's an idiot or if she doesn't want to admit she hates them and wasted a bunch of money."
-The only fair comment here. I think this comment was for the staining part? The staining is good if you want the color to stay longer, or am I wrong?

I hope that the owner of this site takes my picture down soon. I do not wish to participate in such a ridiculous agenda. If you really have something to say about some cosmetic line, please do it yourself and don´t just use other peoples photos. Thanks for reading.



  1. Wtf! Voi vittu mä vihaan tollast toimintaa..

  2. (16. Copyright)

  3. They just have nothing better to do than talking shit of something they haven't try.. that's sad..
    I really love how those lipglosses look, specially the blue one.. gorgeous <3

  4. I can't believe how horrible they are being! Some people!

  5. No huhhuh, jopas oli tekstiä! Aika törkeetä... Mut hienosti vastasit! :D

  6. hey sorry to hear/read about it. you're a great blogger and you know that. Well cheer up, can't believe everything you read on the net!!

  7. I just did a Lime Crime post, so I'll be watching to see if my stuff ends up on this site as well.

  8. oh my. Some people really have no life, it seems. Simply the fact that they used your picture without asking, and then use it to talk badly about you and your review - that just makes me sick =( Stupid people....

  9. Brilliant, what rubbish. Never mind those kinda people, all full of horse feathers because everyone who doesn't seem to share the exact same opinion as they do is something scary and must be set straight or their world won't make sense. Just some hoity-toity teens who will probably realize one day that they can live a balanced life even if not everyone shares their views.
    I could have understood if they got stirred up over some political or economical statement but no, it was over lip gloss.
    Well we love you M-L.

  10. I can't believe how mean those people were being! Your swatches were perfect and very true to color. That really upsets me that anyone would say such mean things about a person they don't even know.

    Stupid trolls!

  11. I do like when people give the good, the bad and what they`re take on products are so I can try to get an objective opinion but these people can`t even do that right. They took your photo`s out of context and then started bad mouthing your photo`s, you and your blogging and trying to use those `reasons` as to why the LC glosses are no good... which doesn`t make any sense.

    You`d think they would come up with something on their own, like a review of the products with their own swatches but apparently they hate this company so much that they just want to put them down without having to purchase anything from them. Grasping at straws by trying to find people that weren`t entirely pleased with what they bought. Not that the owners were actually using shady business practices. Maybe they felt that they were wronged by LC in some way and are trying to get back at them.... and if they weren`t and just don`t really like their products, they really need to get a life and just let go of the fact that their eye shadow or lip stick didn`t live up to their expectations.
    I don`t personally own anything from this company but have been intrigued by some of your posts and have been thinking of buying something. I don`t have any illusions of grandeur about their products but most of the things I`ve heard are good so we`ll see what I think.
    Anyway... anybody who purchases makeup with the idea that it will be absolutely perfect for themselves in every way is IMO stupid. An informed customer is a happy customer. Buy at your own risk.

  12. I feel that some people just want to say something negative to feel as though they're a part of something.

    I can't believe they felt the need to attack you. If they want to complain about Lime Crime, then they should be informed and only bash the company, not a blogger who's happy with the product!

    I think you're wonderful, I love your pictures (all, not just the ones in question) and I look forward to seeing more from you!

  13. I'm really sorry you got dragged into this. I don't own any LC products, but I was still interested in your review and I think you did a great job presenting the colors. Maybe it's because I own a blog and can appreciate all the hard work when it comes to swatching... Some people are just trolls. With a lot of hate to share. Try not to give them too much attention (aka Don't feed the trolls!). ;) Keep up the good work!

  14. I have just recently found your blog and read that horrible mess you got dragged into... THAT IS DISGRACEFUL! I do have a few LC products and have recommended the primer to everyone no matter what the drama around this company has been. Im so sorry to read that every day bloggers cant even do a review without the threat of being attacked like that. From what I see, I like your blog and will continue to keep reading it no matter what losers try to spam it all up :(


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