Jan 4, 2012

Review: Lime Crime Carousel Gloss and Swatches

Unicorn time!
 Hello all you beauties and a happy new year 2012! What kind of makeup did you wear when the year changed? Please link below if you have pictures online, I´m curious to see! :)

 I´d like to introduce the Lime Crime's newest release; the Carousel Glosses. I wanted to purchase these during the last sale on Cyber Monday, but the Lime Crime website totally crashed and it took me two days to get trough and place the order. Oh man, the sale was way over then, even though they extended the sale :D (I would have wanted the mint lipstick as well :/) Within the cute purpleish box there was also a Lime Crime sticker and a promotion card for the glosses.

First of all, I have to apologise; my camera has been A BIT stubborn lately, due to the lack of real sunlight. You just cannot take decent pictures in fluorescent light ;_____; So, most of my pictures are a bit yellow-ish. Anyway, ON with the review!

These gorgeus tubes are the most pigmented lipglosses you´ll ever find. True dat. The packaging is cute, but almost annoying. I love the caps and the bottles, I´m just bit sad that you cannot get a bigger glimpse of the colors, because the plastic has such a mold/shape to it. I don´t know if I just explained that correctly :D

There are five of them glosses - Cherry on top, Kaleidoscope, Candy Apple, Golden Ticket and Loop-De-Loop.

Candy Apple, Kaleidoscope, Loop-De-Loop, Cherry on top and Golden ticket (swatched on hand)

I´ll show a bit closed look of all of these in a sec. I just want to mention that these guys have a really good applicator, it makes it "kinda" easy to apply the gloss. Everyone probably knows that when dealing with really pigmented lip products, it´s always hard to apply it.


This blue gloss is my favorite in what comes to the colors. It´s a deep blue with some purple-ish shimmer in it. You have to apply a ton of this, if you want to be able to get the color I have above. I´d say at least 3 layers. I´m intrigued to see how this would last during the day. Still unlike any color I´ve seen!

Candy Apple

A deep red with golden sparkle! AH, I spent so much time trying to apply it clean and evenly. An easy choice for red lovers. I think that the color was actually a bit darker than in these pictures.. Or maybe that´s just me. This color stains like... A lot. It makes it easier to stay on the lips, but hey, I´m still wearing the hand swatch, even tho I did the swatches days ago :DD

Golden Ticket

My favorite! Golden shimmery gloss, that was easy to apply because of the sheer color. Love at first sight . I don´t know where can I actually wear this, but I will! Definately. Humm. And the gloss isn´t as greenish as it looks in the pictures. (Or is there really something wrong with my eyes? :D)


This is not so much my style - but it is still a beautiful color :) Deep purple with blueish shimmer. Oh man this was the hardest to apply, because the color is SO opaque and you have to do such a precise work to make it look good. This has A LOT of that glitter/shimmer in it, when I removed the gloss, I had glitter all over my face.

Cherry on top

This has totally the wrong color because of the camera! Horrible ;____; Cherry on top is a REALLY BRIGHT almost pink-ish red gloss with red shimmer. Maybe some day I´ll have a descent color captured in a picture. This one I actually wore to work already, really nice color ;) This also a really stainable color.

Me wearing the Cherry on top
The scent in these glosses reminds me of bubblegum. A really strong scent! The scent fades in a while tho. Or maybe I just got used to it :P The color payoff is amazing in all of the glosses, so I´s day that Doe Deere makes another success! These glosses live up to their expectations - So bright, it´s illegal!

So what´s you´r favorite?



  1. Oh God oh God I want! Not sure about the price etc. though :\

  2. That's an awesome review & Swatches!! I have Golden Ticket but I really want the blue and purple one as well! But honestly I don't like how sticky they are :/

  3. WOW, the blue one just stole my heart! :o

  4. Now I want the blue even more :(
    But anywho:


    Just thought these could come in handy for you (or others) whenever they wanted to purchase more lime crime lip colors!

  5. I soooooo want golden ticket ;0)

  6. perfect review!! I love candy apple :)

  7. OMG, they're all amazing! <3 <3
    Love the sparkles and bright colors!

  8. The blue color is to DIE for!
    Nice review.

  9. As pretty as they are, it's hard for me to want to buy anything from lime crime after all the controversy surrounding Doe Deere and her brand. All you have to do is type "lime crime" into google and the first few suggestions to come up are things like "lime crime scandal" and what not. After the horror stories some dear friends have shared, I just can't do it. But thanks for the review, I do love kaleidoscope. That blue is pretty, but I don't think I could pull it off, haha. Love your blog btw!

  10. Oh wauw, I believe I need to own these! The red's are fantastic but the blue immediately cought my eye. It's not like i'll ever wear it in public but still... purrty and droolworthy

  11. I'm in love with the blue and the red ones, they're stunning.. but really, I can't stop looking at the blue one, even though I never wear that colour on my lips, it's so shiny and cute that I'm gonna search where to buy it!
    I'm following you! :)

    ps. I just read The Dorky Dryad's comment, thanks for the links!!

  12. great review. I'm so in love with the purple gloss.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. I really adore the purple colour do you know of any dupes? Lime Crime doesn't make that colour anymore and they are also no longer sold in Australia.

  15. Did you know where I could buy kaleidoscope? Maybe you're willing to part with yours lol?

  16. Did you know where I could buy kaleidoscope? Maybe you're willing to part with yours lol?


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