Jan 12, 2012

Once again, changes feed the progress of the world

Iglot AMC Lipgloss 541 ft. NYE nails

..I have this obsession of using song lyrics as my blog posts header. Anyway! I passed by Inglot's shop (again) awhile back. I was in need of some not so opaque lipgloss and I got the AMC Lipgloss 541.

The package is small and handy. Has been in my purse ever since I purcased it :)

It has this really cool blue/purple vibe to it. I couldn´t really capture it on the pictures as it is in live, but maybe you get the idea.

This is totally not the best picture to show :D But it makes my lips little pink-ish and in some lighting it reflects this cool blue shine. It´s kinda sheer and easy for everyday and for party use.

The black package box has holo text on it, I really liked that ;)

...more blue shine! I really like this lipgloss! I think it cost... 16 €? So not the cheapest one, but I´m super happy about this. Inglot has like 5 of these cool colored lipglosses, I just might try other ones as well! Do you own any of these? Or maybe someone has showed them in their blog? Please let me know, I would really like to see the others!



  1. OMG this just looks crazily cool :D Love it!

  2. I love love love that lipgloss from Inglot! And I'm jealous of your fantastic nails!


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