Jan 9, 2012

I´m here for your entertainment

I´m still annoyed about the Lime Crime incident :(

First of all - my point was not to attack the site "Doe Deere Lies"! I was just mad that someone took my photo and everybody started attacking me and my blog. So, my deepest apologies to the site owner if my actions caused any trouble for him/her.

The picture got taken down from Doe Deere lies, but it had already spreaded around and on another site and there was was this comment:

"Considering all the other reviews, even the few positive ones I’ve seen, that say how terrible the brush is…It amazes me that she is claiming otherwise. And since other people have made videos showing how sheer these go on and how you have to layer them, I’m wondering if she actually knows what “opaque” means.
I don’t know this girl, I haven’t read any of her other posts, and I don’t have anything against her. But just based on THIS Lime Crime review, I wouldn’t really trust anything else she has to say.
And I don’t really know how people are able to get past Lime Crime’s shady business practices. Even if I received these products for free, I would never be able to review them because my opinion would be affected by my distaste for the company."

- Ahhhhhhhh! (I hate this). If you had tried the brush yourself, maybe you could have a decent opinion about it. Don´t go judging before you know what you are talking about. I have no reason to lie on my blog, I do this only for the fun of, I´m here to entertain. I DO like the brush. It really is a shame that people can say these things about someone they don´t know. I hope they feel really happy about themselves.

This whole thing is such a shame. I mean, it´s good to have different and honest opinions about products - FROM THEM WHO HAVE ACTUALLY TRIED THEM.

I´m really really grateful for all of you who supported me and commented on my blog or on the other internet sites. Thank you. Now let´s move past this hassle and move back into the obsessed with vanity´s style! :)

..the xmas nails I forgot to post! China Glaze´s Ruby pumps and... some other China Glaze green polish.


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