Jan 9, 2012

Lit Series: Rich & Famous

Lime Crime - Candy Eyed eyeshadow helper ★ Primer
Inglot - Pearl 428 ★ Under the glitter
Inglot - Pearl 444 ★ Crease & blending
Inglot - AMC Shine 35 ★ Brow highlight, Inner corner
Sugarpill - Royal Sugar ★ Lower lashline
Sugarpill - Bulletproof ★ Brows
Lit Cosmetics - Rich & Famous ★ Glitter on the lid
Lit Cosmetics - Heavy Metal ★ Glitter in the inner corner
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss ★ Eyeliner
Giorgio Armani - Eyes to Kill ★ Mascara
Time for some more positive things than writing crap about others - Another Lit glitter! This was my New Years eve's look :)

Rich & Famous, solid glitter, size 2

A bit goldie like, really sparkly glitter. Really festive.

Same look, different lighting.

Royal Sugar looks stunning :)

OK- So I´m really behind with my posts, meaning that next time I´ll post the other new years pictures x) Thank you all for you´r support, on what comes to the previous entry. I really appreciate it.



  1. Ooooh, I really like that glitter. It's so luxurious!!

  2. wow! i want that amazing created a totally kickass look my love :)


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