Jan 16, 2012

Happy 1-year birthday! my blog! Exactly one year ago I published my first entry. Hmm.. So how did I actually start and why?

I found first interesting blogs in november 2009, but back then I didn´t even think possible to have my own. I had edited some school magazines etc. so I had just a little knowledge of photos and such.

My job contract ended 31.12.2009 so in January I was "free" to do anything I wanted and I kinda tought "well why not". I started sewing again, for the longest of time. My first tought was actually to make more like sewing/knitting blog. But so many things changed during last 12 months! Let´s take a closer look!

January 2011

My first banner was purple! I had black hair and purchased a lot of fabrics... Back then I already was obsessed with nails. I got a night shift job from Itella, so I didn´t stay unemployed for long :D I also got my first MAC product, which was Cyndi Lauper lipstick ~Do notice that the photos have a bad taste and quality :DD I feel almost embarassed.


When Inglot shop opened near me, I got my first Inglot nail polishes and a palette from them. I also presented my humble make-up collection in this blog. I was in love with the Pretty Reckless, Digital Daggers and Die so Fluid. Actually there are two totally ridiculous entry's I might even delete. Oh how... embarassing I´ve been :D


I tried out my first marble nails! An dyed my hair red. I also started dreaming of a decent camera and visited my folks in Estonia. Still working with Itella. Ah and I also had a side job for 3 weeks, which of course took most of my time, doing two jobs at the same time.


I got my first Konad stamping plates and a lot of other accessories for nails :) I also went to see the Devin Townsend and I purchased the Canon Powershot s95, yay!


Ahh, the sun started to shine, long winter started to be over! I traveled to Tallinn and found out about Lime Crime and Sugarpill. I celebrated May 1st at Tampere and ordered a LOT of false lashes. And I got my second Inglot palette.


In June I had a job interview and got a new job with Pelican Self Storage! I terminated my contract with Itella to end in the beginnig of July. I got my first 4 Lime Crime eyeshadows and a Cold Heart palette from Sugarpill, among with some loose eyeshadows. SUMMER ♥


In July I worked for Itella for a week and again I had a side job with that. After both of those I was on a vacation for 3 weeks! I flew to Slovenia and had the time of my life in Metalcamp! Lubljana and Tolming captivated my heart.

I also got my first Lime Crime Lipsticks and the eyeshadow primer, again among with 4 loose eyeshadows. I also got a bunch of Beauty From the Earth eyeshadows. It was really warm, ah how I miss those times. First time I ever tried jet skiing!


I started my new job after a looong vacation! I purchased a lot of Alchemy Gothic yewelry, newest Ghost Brigade album, a lot of new polishes and some Illamasqua products. Did my second marble nails :D


Only 5 entry's in September! Ohh. I was in Japan :D And turned 21 before that. I started digging purple and magneta hair colors. I purchased some more Lime Crime lipstics when the Lip Noir was published. I played a lot with Sugarpill ~


I really started blogging in october. I blogged about the Japan trip and I got my first Lit Cosmetics order, I started the Lit series! I started doing a helluva lotta makeup themed posts. My favorite month so far.


Hmm.. I think I did a lot of nails. November has been my most efficient month yet! I got some more Lit glitters :) My first "dress" -picture in AGES. I´m just so crappy in taking photos of me :(


I rearranged my shoes :P And there was of course some more Inglot vanity, my fourth palette... Oh and a picture from 2010! How I miss extencions ;_____; But my haircolor is changing all the time (atm), so there is no point in getting extencions right now... In december I hit (so far) the highest view score with that green Sugarpill/Lit Cosmetics look. I also got my first Iron Fist shoes and a new "expencive" makeup foundation. And visited my folks in Estonia once again.

January 2012

So far.. I made a huge FUSS in posting my LIme Crimes Carousel Gloss review... Been hauling a lot of Inglot. Nothing special othervise. I´m so busy with work and this stupid cold and dark weather is so not helping.

Wow. This is actually more like a diary! I´d say that the blog has changed totally from what it was when I started. I think I have more courage and self esteem, to bring you even more bright and beautiful photos :) I´m more determined to do the thing the way I want to.

I will be investing in quality in the future. I don´t think that it´s a suprise that some things I published last year, make me feel stupid. But now when I look back, I´m actually glad that I did publish them, they are/have been a part of me and it´s good to see the change.

Thank you for all of my readers and supporters, you mean the world to me! And I do have a question for you! What would you like to see more in the future? More make-up, clothes, product reviews, more colors, less colors etc. All comments are welcome! I´d also like to hear what did you NOT like in my previous entry's. Thanks!



  1. Värikkäitä postauksia on kyllä riittänyt, jatka samaa rataa! Näitä on ilo lukea ja katsella. <3

  2. wow, when i first started reading your blog I though you had been blogging for years!! i love your fun colourful looks and you reviews of cool make up!! i hope you continue!!

  3. I love this! Congratulations on the birthday of your blog! I can definitely tell the difference. Great job, your looks are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Congrats to your "Blog-Birthday" ^o^
    Haha, I know what you mean when you talk about old, embarassing posts :'D I thought about deleting some of them too, but then again, I thought, probably not many people will go back and read them anyway :D

    I really came to love your blog because of your creativity! You're truly inspiring! :D Keep up the good work! ^___^

    1. Thank you! Hope you enjoy some future entry's then as well, hopefully they are something that I can be NOT embarassed by x)

  5. Congrats on your blog birthday - you've really come a long way in such a short amount of time!


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