Oct 17, 2011

Breaking the rules

New Leoni shoes
I got these last tuesday :3 Ordered via and they cost like 45 euros! I love that electic blue. And they have 15,5 cm high heels. How cool is that?! I´ve been getting a lot of comments when walking in these - mainly that they look like something Lady Gaga would wear. I love them! What do you think?

Brick by boring brick
Yeah I was kinda bored. In the end I didn´t like the outcome, but still held these for couple of days. I haven´t had any motivation (nor time) to actually do any interesting or good looking nails, so that´s why I havent been posting them. But I have few cool new polishes on the way ~

P.S I have a lot of exiting make up looks coming up, so stay tuned! ;) Oh yeah, and I´m working on to do some changes to the appearance too!



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