Oct 9, 2011

Obsessed with yewelry

 I got these as a birthday present from Carin :) She ran into these at Shibuya 109 in some store and tought they looked like me :)

One of the last days in Japan me and Carin went to do some freetime shopping at Kashiwa and ended up in Tokyu Hands. I found two very convenient things that I´ve been searching, but not really knowing what I was looking for.

A necklace holder! How have I not tought about this before?? I have had all my necklaces and earrings all over the place for ages and I accidentally ran into this holder. It cost something like 20-30 euros.

It took most of my "short" necklaces :)

A close up :)

AND! It´s bird proof :D The nacklaces are safe and sound inside a plastic box.

And also a earrings holder ! It fits most of my earrings and you can imagine how this helps out to clean the mess in my apartment...

These I found from Harajuku
..and these
The ones in the middle I found last year, also in Harajuku
..also these
Harajuku, Harajuku, Harajuku...
also last years find
More of the same. I love stars
White feathers are from Seppalä
Beautiful colors also from Harajuku !

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