Oct 11, 2011

Turn me inside out

Warning! *picheavy post*

 This is me in Tokyo at Nagareyama-Ootakanomori train station! On our way to Harajuku and Shibuya~  Btw the japanese found my shoes very funny and cute :D Or at least that´s what I think they said.

 So much has happened in the past two months I don´t even know what to say. For example a few days ago my blog hit 10 000 views! Thank you to all of my readers :) Let´s just get back to the trip part, shall we?

I bought Lip Service´s vest just before my trip :3 My first Lippy´s piece ♥ Picture taken at some random restroom in Tokyo.

Carin in Airborne Unicorn at Nagareyama-Ootakanomori train station. Beautiful isn´t she?
We shopped at Shibuya 109, the 8th floored shopping centre for girls. I´d have pictures but it´s not allowed to take pictures in there : <

Here I mainly bought tights, leg warmers and yewels. My favorite shop is Doll Kiss . ...aand Mitsumaru Heaven and Earth. And Monkey Place. ETC.

We also visited Harajuku´s Takeshita dori (Takeshita street), which has a bit more underground shops, than in Shibuya. The first Crepe shop here makes the best Crepes _ever_.

Asakusa train station med Carin !

 In Asakusa there is a huge temple and a five stored pagoda. It looks beautiful in the dark too, when illuminated :)

 Picture from the inside of the temple
There was also the new "world´s highest tower" aka Sky Tree, which unfortunately doesn´t open to pupli until next may.

From Asakusa we bought a looot of these fan´s. I think I got three, altough only one for myself.

"Please be careful not to lean against the person sitting next to you should you fall asleep"
Japan (or at least Tokyo) is a funny signs promised land. They have signs about all the things you are not meant to do. Like the upper one :D The parrots are sooo cute!

I dragged some Lime Crimes lipsticks with me. Wearing Chinchilla ~

The girls at an onsen Gran Rosa ! Lovely clothes, no?

 ..´bout to have a dinner after onsen. Btw onsen has to be the best place on earth ! In case you don´t know - It´s a Japanese spa.

There was a weird machine where you had to buy a ticket and give it to the cook to get a meal. The hard part? It was all in JAPANESE. And the Japanise don´t talk a word in English! So you maybe can believe how hard it was to get something to eat o_O

And this is what I got! The noodles and the sushi were good and the rest I didn´t touch o_O

Speaking of sushi! Nommmmmmmmm~

A vending machine! Tokyo is FULL of these
An Ice Latte! The best thing to start a morning with.

Jackass Penguins!
EDIT/And there my blog post stopped? I did a lot longer post o_O So I´m just repost the rest of the pictures..

They were about to be fed :)

Cute, isn´t she/he?

We flew trough Vienna and of course stopped at the local Starbucks - to have a white chocolate Latte and a truffel choco cake.

And there it is! My SHORT post about the trip. Haha.

I promise to be back with a post about something make-up related ;)

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  1. Chicken, chicken? Hai, hai? No? Öööö...mmm... Piggu? Piggu, aah, hai! No, no piggu!! Chicken! Arigatoooooo :D


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