Oct 18, 2011

I´m little bit of extraordinary

Lime Crime - Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper Primer
Inglot - Pearl 420 Outer corner, crease, lower lashline
Inglot - Pearl 444 Lid, inner corner
Inglot - White shimmer (cannot remember number) Eyebrow highlight
Lime Crime - Siren
Eyeliner (used wet)

*Teheee* I mentioned some a while ago that I haven´t shown you Lime Crime´s Siren eyedust yet.
Dirty looking hair o_O
 Honestly, Lime Crime shadows work so well with water, it´s amazing! I actually like the Lime Criminal the most (it´s the lime green one). And Empress (the violet).

Cute :3
How do you like my new banner? :3 Who can guess what is in the picture?

In bad light !

So the front page of my blogger page says that I have made already 70 entrys! But only 60+ is visible to you! Why? Because I have a few suprises ahead.... a few entrys stacked up waiting. :3 I´ve been so exited to announce something for a week already, but I´ll keep it a secret for a few more days. Just until I´m totally finished with my project. We are living exiting times!


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