Oct 23, 2011

I´ll be dancing in the flames

I hear Halloween is coming!!
Lime Crime - Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper Primer
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Milk
Inglot - Matte 383
Sugarpill - Bulletproof
Sugarpill - Tako
Brow highlight, all around the web
Illamasqua Presicion Ink - Abyss
False lashes from Ebay 

 We don´t actually celebrate Halloween that much in Finland, but since everyone else is so hyped, I tought I´d make at least one look too :) Didn´t feel like doing any skulls or anything ugly, so just basic halloween colors.

My Illamasqua Precision Ink somehow has turned into horrible stuff : < I don´t know how to explain, but the thingy that squeeses off the excess product from the brush when you pull it out, is broken and it has sinken to the bottom of the eyeliner bottle. So the liner has became not so precise and really messy : (

Last week I got my first crackle nail polish! It took me this long, because when the first crackle came to Finland, it was Isadora´s and I didn´t quite like the colors. So suddenly in a few months all the polish company´s came up with their own crackle. So when the new Katy Perry´s nail polishes by Opi came to, I ordered some :)

 Sun worshipper by China Glaze & Black Shatter by OPI
I´ll be showing the other Katy Perry polishes soon! But before that, I have this big review coming up (the one I´ve been hyping now) and I have also mentioned that I have a little surprise for all of my readers :3  
A GIVEAWAY! Right now I´ll only tell you that it´s a make up related and I think you´ll be as exited as I am! So stay tuned~



  1. This is adorable! Would you be willing to do an eyeshadow look request?

  2. Thank you!!! I would love to do an eyeshadow look by a request!!! Oh that would be so much fun!!!

  3. Yay! I'm excited now!
    Could you a candy inspired look?
    And possibly a fantasy one? Inspired by mermaids, unicorns or forest nymphs?
    These are just some things that really inspire me and that I adore but I seem to find trouble creating a make-up look that will work.

  4. Candy, fantasy, mermaids, unicorns.. uaaah I get so exited even when thinking about these!!! Can´t wait to try these! :3

  5. Thank you so much!
    Now I have even more of a reason to stare at this blog everyday after school<3

  6. Can you be my blogging wife?? Like seriously your awesome! So cute and talented and I love how you use bright glitters in every look! And your blog layout is so cute. Makes me want to change mine! haha

    I am your new biggest fan xD hahahaha

  7. Oh by the way, this look is awesome! I can never get spiderweb liner to look quite right, you did it perfectly! And I love those nails! Arn't crackle polishes the best?

  8. Kassie: I think that is the cutest thing anyone has ever said to me xD Thank you ssoo much! <3


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