Oct 29, 2011

Lit series: Reboot ft. Sugarpill

Lime Crime - Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper ★ Primer
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Milk ★ Under the green Reboot
Lit Cosmetics - Reboot ★ Lid and below the brow (the green)
Sugarpill - Goldilux ★ Lower lashline liner, crease and brows (the golden)
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss ★ Liquid eyeliner
~ Lashes from ebay ~ 
Seriously this has got to be the most ridiculous look I´ve ever done! I just tought that this is such an insane color, that it deserves an insane make-up!

A close up of the jar. How insane is this color?! Love at first sight.

Reboot, electric. The electrics are almost like dust eyeshadows, but the the cut size is just bigger. And super pigmented.

Hmm... I have no words for this one.

The eye on the right in the picture shows the true color of reboot when on lid. This is otherwise stupid pic, I know, but I needed this to show the color :D

Lashes from Ebay...

No smiles this time, haha ! I tried to do a cute heart on my lips... Maybe this would be good look for Halloween :D
And it GLOWS in DARK! The coolest thing ever!



  1. Thats such a cool look it came out great. I love that it glows in the dark

  2. Love the eyes, hate the lips tbh.

  3. Where'd you get the green eyeshadow from?

  4. Ashlee: Yeah I have to agree in the lip part :D
    Anonymous: The green is a Lit cosmetics product, I ordered it via their website :)

  5. does their website or packaging say where this is safe to use? because i've been looking into it extensively on a regular basis and so far I have yet to find eye safe ingredients in eyeshadows, theyve always been sold as "novelty" makeup that isent suppose to be used on the eyes :(

  6. On the Lit Cosmetics webpage they say: "Unlike similar products, Lit Cosmetics is made with all natural ingredients and prides itself in being water based, alcohol free (alcohol is a big, "no no" in cosmetics), paraben free, and Propylene Glycol free. We stand 100% behind our products."

    I haven´t really looked into the ingredients, when purchasing products (I think I need to start!), so otherwise I canno´t say what is eye safe and what is not.. Tho it sounds good to me when they say the products are all made with natural ingredients :)

  7. wow love this!!!! lime green happens to be my favourite colour!!!
    I love the creativity and fun of this is such an art :D
    xoxox Relish

  8. OMG I must have that green glitter pigment! Its hella awesome and bright like OMG! I want I want I want! And your look is soooo sick! So cute and creative :D


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