Oct 26, 2011

Lit series: Roxy Rolla

Lime Crime - Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper ★ Primer
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Milk ★ Lid, waterline
Lime Crime - Empress ★ Crease, lower lashline
Sugarpill - Poison Plum Lid
Lit Cosmetics - Roxy Rolla ★ the Glitter on lid and brows
Sugarpill - Tako ★ Brow highlight
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss ★ Eyeliner
Second glitter is Roxy Rolla! Fun fuchia-like pink/violet metallic glitter. Really barbie like :)

It has more magenta vibe to it, than just pink. ♥_♥ Darker and really vibrant magenta ~

Metallic glitter, size 2

...and bad blending again, sorry :D Maybe I shouldn´t have glitterized the brows... Mwah, whatever.

Barbie make up!
Looks a little funny with my orange-like red hair :DDD Imagine me with black or blond hair here, looks way better.
Lips by Lime Crime
For lips I mixed  Lime Crime´s Great Pink Planet and Centrifuchia :3 It actually fit well superiorly well with the look!
First try!
 This was the first try I ever tried the Lit glitters and it did not get well :`D I had a white base underneath the glitter and I figured It´d work better with a darker base (as it did in the upper pictures!).

So what do you think of the "Barbie" look? Don´t forget to participate to the giveaway!


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