Oct 28, 2011

Lit series: Pink Flamingo ft. Sugarpill !!!

Lime Crime - Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper ★ Primer
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Milk ★ White base

Sugarpill - Dollipop ★ On lid
Sugarpill - Afterparty ★ Crease
Sugarpill - Tako ★ Brow highlight, inner corner, all around
Lit Cosmetics - Pink Flamingo ★ On lid
Lit Cosmetics - Champagne wishes ★ Inner corner, lower lashline

Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss ★ Liquid eyeliner

This time I made two looks with this glitter! The colors were so inspiring so I just had to try them in two ways.

Pink Flamingo is a sweet, quite see-trough glitter, with a lot of pink sparkle.

Solid glitter, size 2

Unfortunately I don´t have a face shot of this look... But here you can see how well the glitter plays ~

The other look I was talking about:
Lime Crime - Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper ★ Primer
Sugarpill - Afterparty ★ Lid
Sugarpill - Dollipop ★ Crease and above
Sugarpill - Poison Plum ★ Crease
Sugarpill - Tako ★ Eyebrow highlight
Maybelline gel eyeliner - Black ★ Gel eyeliner
Make up Store mascara - 04 Turqoise ★ Mascara
I like how I managed to blend the glitter around without rough edges. Except the part where the brow ends, hehe.
Same look in the sunlight
Glitter ♥ glitter ♥ glitter ♥ glitter ♥ Ohh how I love how this sparkles ~ And I just adore Sugarpills Afterparty !! I mean, I just patted that on to the lid and this is how it looks. No magic tricks.

 On lips I mixed Lime Crime´s No she didn´t and Centrifuchia ~ The result was wery opaque lilaq. I really like the contrast in pic! And even my hair looked nice with these colors :3

Glitter reflection!
Which one did you like the most? Don´t forget to enter my Lit Cosmetics giveaway! You can find instructions here :)


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