Oct 24, 2011

Lit series: No Glitter, No Glory + Giveaway!!!

Lit Cosmetics jars
 "Glitter is good for the soul. Something happens when you add a little glitter to your day. It gives you a smile, a good energy and just pumps you up and makes you feel glam, bam, thank you ma'am! Life is too short to be boring or to simply be bored." - Jodie Perks

So couple of weeks ago I made my first order from Lit Cosmetics, i´m so exited! I have mentioned them once before in my blog, haven´t I? The company makes all kinds of make-up glitters you can dream of. You can actually choose from the 300 different colors and materials, even from the cut size and they do have a quite convenient online brochure. This is going to be a quite thorough review so bear with me :3

Lit products are made with all natural ingredients, they´re water based, alcohol free, paraben free and propylene glygol free! It is also cruelty free.

When I tried to decide which colors to order first (yes, I intend to get a bunch of these) I noticed that there aren´t that many swatches to be found online! Which is such a shame, because these products, I tell you, are to die for.

As I mentioned, there are few "materials" to choose from. And by "material" I mean the glitter material. They have 4 different glitters, in 4 different sizes. All of my sizes (I just realized) are size 2. But not to worry, I´ll be soon to make a new order, with more different sizes ;)

Shimmer - Which is a see trough sparkle. I hear that the neon shimmers glow under black light ;) I actually didn´t order any of these, so I don´t have an opinion about them. Next time!
Solid - Pure glitter . This time I got three of these, and I´m in lllloveeeee~
Metallic - A shiny sparkles with metallic finish. These I´m also a fan of. Got also two of these, both of which work really well with darker colors. They really stand out!
Electrics - Mainly bright colors, these should also glow under black light! These are like eyeshadow dusts, but just in a bigger cut size. And way more pigmented, you`ll see.

So the four cut sizes; the smallest is 002 x002, the second 004x004, the third 008x008 and the fourth 015x015. I don´t actually get what the cut sizes are, mm?

After I placed my order, at first I got a confirmation email from them, pointing out the products that I had ordered and the price in the Canadian Dollars, of course. Then, right after that, I received another email from them! This time from Jodie Perks - the owner and the founder of the company, thanking for the order and indicating the exact time they would ship it out! How great is that? And also the email was not sent by a machine, because she wrote my name as Mary-Liis (how cute is that!) and I did write on the order "Mari-liis". I think that companies who still have time to do these simplest things such as personally respond to customers, deserve some more credit. It means that they really care about their customers.

 It actually took only 4 days for the package to arrive!!!! I love it when a package arrives on time. Or maybe even faster than what you had hoped.

The box was surprisingly big for my order. And man was I suprised when I opened the box :D

So what was in the box? Drum-roll please.....
All kind of goodies wrapped inside pink wrapping paper ~

The Multi stack Lit Kit

..which includes
- 5 optional Lit glitters
- 30 ml Clearly Liquid Glitter Base
- Two Lit Brushes (Liner and a round brush)
- a Sparkle duster
- In a silk tote bag :)

The glitter packaging is so classy - the glitters are packed inside super cute ice-cubes! :3

You can easily stack these quys! BTW. Lit cosmetic glitters have such an awesome names! So the glitters I got were Champagne Wishes, Heavy Metal, Pink Flamingo, Roxy Rolla, Elton Jon, London Calling and Reboot ~

From left to right: London Calling (electric), Reboot (electric), Pink Flamingo (Solid/2), Elton Jon (Metallic/2), Roxy Rolla (Metallic/2), Heavy Metal (Solid/2), Champagne Wishes (Solid/2). Don´t you just love these?! No wonder Cirque du Soleil uses Lit Cosmetics!



About the glitters; I´ve done at least one make up look with every color I received, but since I don´t want this entry to be any more picheavy than it already is, I´ve desided to divide all the looks into "Lit Series" -entries! So, for the next 7 days or so, I will be posting one look per day and a detailed pictures of the product! (hopefully I´ll have time to finish the entries on time!) :3 And I have some really exiting looks for you!

On with the review, so what else came with the Multi stack kit?

Clearly Liquid Glitter Base 30 ml
This product smells sssoo good It just feel wet (duh) when applying, but nothing else. It doesn´t irritate my eyes - and I have sensitive eyes. But if you do add a little bit too much of this product, you may feel that you have extra thick layer of make-up on your eyes. So it just needs a little bit rehearsing.

Lit brushes ~
On the Lit Cosmetics website, they indicate that these brushes are made with PBT - the highest quality of synthetic bristles, which promises perfect product distribution. My opinion? These brushes are super soft and easy to work with. But when I was working with these glitters, I was left missing a bigger brush. For example, when I put the glitter on my whole lid, at first I used the round bush (which is the bigger one of the two of which they have) but the applying was so slow and you could not take enough of the product on the brush. So in the end I used one of my own eyeshadow brushes to work with.

 Two sizes
The only thing that I don´t like, is that these brushes are made in China :( All of these products should be made in Canada. Or US. NOT in China.

A sparkle duster
 ...and then there was the mesh ball :D This is a small genius invention, which is made with a little bit of mesh and a cotton ball. You can use this to swipe off any excess glitter from your face.....if there would be any when using the Lit cosmetics clearly liquid glitter base !

Dicections :D How cute!
These are things I ordered. BUT. You may have noticed that I actually have two more colors than what the 5 Lit Kit should have contained. For my suprise the whole big box was full of stuff!! Jodie was so kind that she added a LOT of extra things in the package!

Travel size glitter base and travel size/sample of water resistant glitter base!
So besides the two additional glitters, I also got a travel size Glitter Base and a water resistant Glitter Base as an sample. I think they are coming out with this water resistant base in Summer 2012.

Also two travel size brushes!
...and a fan!
There was also a fan inside! My first impression, I have to confess, was laughter. I might have tought the idea to be a bit ridiculous. But actually, the first time I tried the Lit glitter on with their base - I automatically waved my hand in front of my face to dry the result. And then I remembered that I actually got the fan! Haha.


I will be giving away this MiniMe Lit Kit! It contains one Solid Lit glitter; Beach Baby, 30 ml Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, two small brushes and a sparkle duster, all in a silk tote bag!

Beach Baby, Solid size 2
 So I did not swatch this - just because of hygienic reasons. I only took these pictures to show you how incredible this glitter is. I think it could be used in everyday looks, as well for a night out. Or on a beach :D It seems like a fun easy glitter to start with.

How to enter the Giveaway
1. You have to be a reader on my blog (it´s easy - just click "Join this site" and follow the instructions.)
2. Comment below (on any of my Lit Series entries), what Lit Glitter/Color did you like the most.
3. Like Lit Cosmetics on Facebook (Not mandatory to win, but would be nice :3)

Not so hard, huh? :) This is also my first giveaway, so all comments are welcome!

Contest Details:
- So the prize is the MiniMe Lit Kit which is shown above
- I will pick a random winner using on the 27.11.2011
- The contest will last for a month, starting now and it will end on 26th of November
- I will announce the winner on my blog and send a message to her/him
- Open internationally!

So the winner gets the prize as an early Christmas present ;) And for those still wondering - YES THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. I personally think that it´s rude to make a giveaway and then announce it´s (for example) for US readers only. There are a lot of bloggers outside the states, you know? :D

Few rules: Please don´t spam. Open for all ages and genders. One entry per person. If you have multiple comments about the favorite glitter, I´ll count them as one. Good luck to all!

Be sure to use this if you order :)

Don´t forget to check out the Lit Cosmetics website, and to follow them on Facebook! They are coming out with the water resistant "Clearly Liquid" glitter base and some temporary glitter tattoos in summer 2012!


ps. When you go to the "history" part on their website, they play ABBA´s Dancing Queen !


  1. I have heard a lot of great things about this company, and would love to try them! Elton Jon and Roxy Rolla are so calling my name! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! :D

  2. My favorites so far are the Heavy Metal and Champagne Wishes. Looking forward to a girls-night-out with you ;)

  3. I think I'm in love with Roxy Rolla! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. Hoo~ Pakkohan sitä on onneaan koittaa (plus oon aatellu kultasen luomarin hankkimista) ;D

    I have to say my abslotue favourites are London Calling and Reboot.

  5. I really adore Elton Jon, Roxy Rolla, and Heavy Metal. They are beautiful colors!

  6. They all look beautiful and your your looks have been gorgeous! I think my favorites are Roxy Rolla and Heavy Metal :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I *love* Reboot, even though I probably couldn't wear that color. ^^;
    Adore the blues, especially London Calling!

    Good luck with the giveaway! ^^

    So glad I stumbled on your blog, love the products you use, and your wonderfully creative ideas. The Scarlet Macaw look is genius and sooooo beautiful! <3

  8. Thank you everyone for entering :)
    Catie: Thank youuuu~ Means a lot to me to hear that!
    Megumi93: I´m so grateful to hear that! Hope you enjoy! More cool colors to come! :3

  9. I've been dying to get some lit! The colors are fantastic! :)
    My favorite would probably have to be "California Soul", "Marilin Monroe" or "Flower Power" !

  10. Hannah: psst, Marilin Monroe is on it´s way right now ;) Stay tuned!

  11. I've not used glitters as much as I could but definitely going to have to start! Pink Flamingo looks really, really pretty!

  12. Such pretty colours! I can't just pick one fav. I'd say top three would be Champagne Wishes, Beach Baby and Heavy Metal. Can't wait to try these guys out!

  13. My earlier comment seems to have disappeared :( Anywhoodles, I think Champagne Wishes is my fav!

  14. One pink sock: Your other comment is on the text "Written on the stars" :)

  15. Hi there,
    lovelyyy collection of glitters .... love them all

    but my most fav are , Champagne Wishes and Heavy Metal ...

    thanks for a cuteeeee lovely giveaway

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hi there,
    lovelyyy collection of glitters .... love them all

    but my most fav are , Champagne Wishes and Heavy Metal ...

    thanks for a cuteeeee lovely giveaway


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